Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I seem to have stalled.  I have lovely, yummy yarn.  I have wonderful beads.  And can't figure out what pattern I want to make.  I keep looking, but not getting that definitive "that's it!" moment.  It is odd.

Mind you, I know this is sleep dep at work.  So I am not stunned.  But still, I wanna make the pretty.  *chuckle*

So I am turning to the knitters I know and soliciting thoughts, votes, alternatives.

Okay.  Yarn 1 is the Lady Bianca by Storied Yarns.  A colorway dyed especially for me.  Love it so much that it needs to be on the needles!  Red with some black, purple & blues.  The beads are a red mix with some more copper, clear & iridescent ones.

Storied Yarns Superwash Sock in Lady Bianca Colorway with Beadsmith 6/0 Beads in Vineyard Mix

I want to make socks.  I stung the beads as the idea of having loose beads on a project that I want to knit in front of the tv and on weekends seemed like a bad one.  So they are on there.  Plenty of beads.  More than enough for socks.  And btw, if you need to string beads, it is sooo much simpler with the pre-strung beads.   Took no time at all.  I did it while waiting for things to load in my database one night.

I think all the patterns have to be changed from cuff down to toe-up if I want to make toe-up socks which I prefer.  But the Rain Drops might have to be cuff-down because of the pattern.

Here are the possible patterns.

Gothic Windows:
Problem.  The pattern doesn't have beads so I would need to figure out how to add them.

Looking Glass from Walker First Treasury:
This is a stitch pattern.  Even started charting it to figure out how to do it in the round.  Can't find a pic of it.  Sorry.

Queen of Beads:
This is actually a glove modification based off a pay sock pattern that I don't own.  And given my issues with Blue Moon Fibers, I will not give them money for the sock pattern.  Mind you, between experience and the glove pattern, I could probably figure it out.  But I don't know about doing that...

Rain Drops Beaded Socks:
The beading in this requires slipping the bead onto the stitch with a crochet hook.  And I am not up for that.  I have read it and tried to think how to work it with the beads strung.  But I can't get my head around it.  See sleep dep.  *laugh*

Midnight Sky:
Own the pattern as I was in the yarn club.  Haven't actually used it.  Wish the photos had more detail.  At the moment, it might be the one I am leaning towards because it requires the least amount of tweaking.  And I like making patterns by designers I like.  Renee is pretty cool.  And I got to provide input on the colorways for the Decadently Dark Sock Club. Also, I couldn't track down my pattern and she offered to resend it to me.  So that is cool.  I wish the photos were better on Ravelry honestly.  It is hard to see what the pattern will really look like.  And I would be flipping the pattern to get it to work toe-up.

River Rock:
I am thinking about taking this pattern and adapting it to socks.  Given the yarn colorway is a vampire, like the idea of them looking like blood droplets.  It is the same reason that the Rain Drops appeal.  That look of blood.  Yah, I was a goth in my younger years.  Why do you ask?  *smirk*

Okay.  I have to scoot home.  So only one yarn for today.  Maybe I will share the shawl/ette insanity tomorrow...  *grin*

Mind you, I am desperately trying not to cast these socks on until I have the sock on my needles done.  Though I would say they are about 75% done.  So that is good.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lady Bianca & Mad about Beads

A pic of the lovely...

Lady Bianca by Storied Yarns

Yum!!  I didn't capture it well.  Normally, pics come out too dark.  The pics of the Lady Bianca by Storied Yarns all came out too light.  I tried to tweak them but didn't quite capture it well. 

I don't know why I went a little bead crazy...  *blush*  I got beads for this yarn, the yet to be shipped Unique Sheep one & some for a project that is a gift for a non-knitter.  The present was finished being knit eons ago. I was waiting to add some beads to the fringe.  I think it will look cute.  I got some mixed purple beads for that.  Though there will be a lot leftover.

Though why I am thinking beaded socks with the Lady Bianca & a beaded shawl with the Unique Sheep Tudor gradient yarn is beyond me.  *shrugs*  Not saying I won't do it.  Just that it is kinda crazy!  *laugh*

Don't have a set pattern in mind for either yet.  If anyone has thoughts, shout out.  I have been looking at shawl patterns since ordering the Tudor gradient yarn.  It is 700 yard of their Luxe, which is merino/silk.  Yum.  The beads are glass but are a metallic finish in bronze, greens & purples.

The Lady Bianca is superwash/nylon. I figured something like droplets of blood might be very cool.  But I also wanted something that would stand out.  So I went with a mix of colors...reds, amber, purple.  The other two beads I was fairly certain on.  These less so.  But I think they should work. 

Little guy finally work for his last feeding.  Gotta go...  Then sssslllllleeeeeepppppp!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

My Small Surprise Package from Storied Yarns arrived today!! 

It was really terrific.  I loved it.  The theme was "Vampy Valentine".  I don't want to give away everything in it in case someone decides to get one.  But I do want to share some highlights.

Everything in the box was wrapped in tissue paper & had yarn around it like ribbon.  It has a slight shimmer to it so it was perfect for the wrapping.

Jess was great.  Everything was well thought out and wonderful.  She really seemed to have nail it down. 

My fav, of course, was the yarn!  Oh my!  *sighs*  It is beautiful.  I need to take some pics and share when it is daylight so as to catch all the colors.  But the colorway is dead on for me.  Deep, darks reds, black, a bit of purple...  Yum.

And the lovely's name?  "Lady Bianca".  It is from the Dresden Files.  I mentioned that I loved her Harry colorway.   Of course now I am wondering if she is named after the Bianca from the books or the tv series. I would lean towards the tv ones given she is so lovely (played by Joanne Kelley from Warehouse 13).  But "Lady" I would think would refer more to her as she is a madame in the books.  Though she is pretty much pure evil in the books.  But honestly, I am not sure.

I watched a little bit of an episode with Bianca on Netflix.  I do miss the Dresden Files show.

Back to the yarn, it was dyed especially for me.  Jess said that if I didn't like it to let her know as she would gladly take it back as she really liked it.  Not a chance she is getting it back!  So yummy.

Now, of course, there will be the pattern search.  And the question, shawlette or socks?  It is so yummy I want to share with the world, so that cries shawlette.  But socks get worn more. And there is a lot to be said for that...  Soooo....  Decisions decisions!

*takes another nibble of the super yummy chocolate that came with it and gets back to work!*

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Should Be Working...

I hate days like this.  I should be working but 100 other things are running through my brain.  Mind you, the thing I need to get out requires someone sent me something *last week* which I still do not have.  *growl*

But the happy happy news is the Small Surprise Package from Storied Yarns has shipped!  I am sooo excited.  It had been a while since I splurged on something just for me.  (Of course, I think I went a bit overboard last paycheck between this and my Unique Sheep order. *blushes*)

Do you ever have projects that just tell you "No, I am not to be."?  Saturday, DH was away for the day with friends.  It is a yearly thing he loves doing.  I decided for some reason I have yet to determine, that meant I should cast on a new project.  *blink*

I had said I want to try to knit four sweaters within the year.  I added this to my goals for the year.  I figured if I started with the sweater for Little Guy, it would be easy.  And you know, it should have been...really...

I did a Ravelry pattern search and found a cute vest pattern - Baby Partridge Vest by Jennifer Burke.  Cast on, got the ribbing done.  Then went to start the stitch pattern.  Scratched my head a lot.  Checked Ravelry.  Found that there was errata for it.  But come on.  It is a pdf!  I really don't understand why they don't correct the pattern and repost it.  It makes no sense with a pdf.

But I cast on again.  The correct number of stitches.  I get to the pattern repeat.  Do a few rows.  Way too busy for the yarn.  I thought that it would help but it made the wild colors worse.  So I ripped back.  Tried to put it back on the needles.  Managed to drop one of the stitches which I didn't notice until I started knitting the row.  *sigh*  Started tinked back to the start of the row.  Got about half way and decided it was insane.  I only had 1" of ribbing.  Just start over.

So I made another attempt.  During the last go round, Little Guy grabbed the needle cable and pulled it out.  I didn't have any 24" ones left.  So I decided to magic loop it with my 40" one as my 32" also have disintegrated. 

I don't know why they all decided to fail recently. I am kinda hoping that Knit Picks has improved the design in the five years or so ago I bought them.  Mind you, if I complained to customer service I suspect they would send me new ones at no cost as they did about six months after I got the first set.  But I don't like doing that as they have been used a lot.  So I can't blame them for it.

So I am magic looping.  I do this all the time.  I noticed something was a bit odd.  But I just thought it was a gap between the points where I start the needle.  No biggie.  Do a little patch.  Fine.

I figure it is time to start the body.  Look at the stitches on each side.  They aren't even.  *blink*  Really?!?

Somehow I managed to knit back a row on the same side!!  *shakes head*  So there weren't the same number of rows knit on half the stitches.  *bangs head against desk*  Really??!  Yep.  Really.

I went to rip it out.  And pulled the cable from the 40" one.  *groan*  Really?!

It was a sign.  I ripped it out.  Put the yarn aside.  Out of sight.

Score one for Ares, the god of war.  Yes.  I am knitting a baby/toddle sweater out of a colorway named after the god of war.  Perhaps it is trying to tell me something.

Though I still have the yarn set aside and am thinking about using it for the Chris Woven Yoke Vest .  Me, crazy...  Why do you ask?!  *grin*

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feeling Proud

So I am feeling proud!  I have actually attached buttons to four items.  Thus I have met one 2012 goal!  Hooray!

Of course, DH suggested I modify the goal to be that I have fewer items missing buttons by the end of the year than at the beginning.  I actually think that is a fair goal.  So I would like to end the year with three items or less needing buttons.  I hope to do it.

I pulled out another sweater I know needs buttons.  And discovered it needs *nine* buttons.  Of course I don't *have* nine matching buttons.  *sigh*  So I will have to buy those.

Though I did buy new buttons for the Cardigan for Merry one.  *Still* wish Eldest Munchkin could have worn that one given it was knit for her.  But her little brother should look very cute in it.  So I think I need to get it done sooner rather than later.  Needs the i-cord loops and the toggle buttons sewn on to it.

Of course for the purse missing the button for years now, I finally figured out what button I want for it.  And of course, I have lost the button I really want to put on it again!  *sigh*  It is kinda ridiculous!  It is for a friend I will be seeing in March, so I am hoping to give it to her when I see her.  So that gives me about a month to do it.

I didn't realize just how tiny the button hole for the Aviatrix Hat was!  It is tiny.  So I am betting it won't get undone much.  I am so happy that there was this adorable gold star one that my MIL gave me in a wonderful box of buttons that she gave me last Xmas.

Will in Aviatrix Hat  Will in Aviatrix Hat

For the Baby Jacket with Moss Stitch Edges, I decided to only add buttons for the top three holes.  The spacing on the buttons was weird.  So that it doesn't actually have a hole in the middle of the bottom edging.  So it would have looked wrong if I put them all on there.  Still wondering why I did that.  *shrugs*  But it looks cute with the top three.  Though heaven knows it may only look cute to a knitter now that I am thinking about it.  *chuckle*

On the sweater goal I added, I am debating.  I really don't want to buy more yarn.  I purchased enough for sweaters for the kids and have the yarn for DH.

I am tempted to start with the Little Guy first.  Waffles for Brunch Sweater or the Idaho pullover hoodie are the two that are tempting me most for him.  The detractor from the Idaho is that it is sewn pieces.  And I really loathe that.  But the flipside is that the detailing makes it looks cute and thus requires pieces.  So that has more appeal.

I have five skeins of Berroco Vintage Chunky in Dungaree, Black Cherry & Dried Plum.  I couldn't decide between the Black Cherry & Dried Plum for Elanor so I got both.  But the Dungaree & Black Cherry could look very cool for the Idaho one.  Thoug of course with the name I wish the Daddy's Little Helper Jean Jacket was in bulky instead of DK.  *smile*  Of course being me, I keep wondering if I could modify the pattern...  I say that with a half finished Mary Jane slipper on my needles that is supposed to be for Elanor...  *laugh*

I resisted the urge to cast either on over the weekend.  It was hard, but I am only about a quarter to a third of the way in on my socks.  And I want to finish them sooner than later. 

I am still debating patterns.  So many choices.  Any suggestions are welcome.

Though I have spent way too much time debating patterns for yarn that hasn't even been dyed yet.  It is the Tudor colorway in Luxe by the Unique Sheep that I ordered.  I have been looking as shawl/ettes.  That sort of colorway needs to be seen!  I am thrilled they said the colorway would retain its depth.  I decided to increase the quantity to the Bigfoot which is one and a half skeins, so 600 yards total.

Of course, when I think I will have the time to knit a shawl...  *laugh*  So I am delusional.  So sue me.  *grin*

Though then again, I am going to conference in Arizona in March.  That gives me knitting time on the plane and while waiting at the airport at the very least.  Last conference I was able to knit DH Kindle Cozy under the table and that one was more condensed.  So you never know what I might be able to do with this conference. Though I have my doubts a shawl is under the table knitting.  *chuckle*  Though given my socks are on two circs, they are even *less* suited to it!  *grin*

Best I get some work done.  Whee.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I am gonna blame this all on Silvercat...  Yah yah, that's the ticket. *smirk*

We got talking about Fresh from the Cauldron as the dyer is doing a yarn series soon that we both are drooling about...  It is something I won't mention in public as the dyer Jenn isn't doing it as a yarn club with spots or such. She will just be doing a store update at some date in the future. So I don't want to give it more press in a public place (feel free to email me if you know me).  (Not that I really think anyone reads my blog other than family and 1-2 fiber friends at best...  *chuckle*)

Jenn is an amazing dyer.  I have been lucky enough (with Silvercat's help) to get some of Jenn's yummy yarns.  I really love them.  *sigh*  I am currently knitting her Merino, cashmere & nylon fingering and *loooovvviiinggg* it.  So yummy.  

But the waiting leads to wanting. And the colorways for the line I want aren't even in the samples to make us drool stage yet.  And today is payday.  A dangerous set of events.  *sigh*

Silvercat got me looking at a bunch of the indie dyers she likes.  She has some really good yarn porn!

One she mentioned liking is Storied Yarns.  The dyer Jessica does some wonderful colorways. And she has something called the "Surprise Package full of Yarn OR Fibery Goodness".  There was a small & a large.  It is fiber plus goodies.  I couldn't resist.  I got the small box.  There is just something irresistible about a box of goodies all wrapped & customized for me.

Jessica sent a questionnaire with all sort of questions about what I like in terms of color, fiber, edibles, & fragrances.  She also asked about what books, movies & tv shows I like.  I probably babbled too much.  But you know how that goes if you are reading this. *laugh*

I really can't wait, but know I must.  In a way though, the anticipation makes it all the better.  *grin*  I am really excited.

Oh, and as if to say I had to order from her, Jessica has a Harry Dresden colorway which is spot on for Dresden.  Lovely black, grey & brown.  Perfect Harry colors.  (Might need to get that for DH sometime...)

Harry Dresden

And because I just can't seem to help myself...  Silvercat has been talking about her Evenstar shawl.  She is doing it in the most stunning colorway by Unique Sheep. They are pretty amazing dyers and dye to order.  Her Evenstar got me looking at their colorways.

This one just screamed "You must own me!"

The name of this lovely?  Tudor.  See...  How could I not??

They have their Luxe yarn base in stock.  It is 25% Tussah Silk, 75% Superwash Merino.  *happy sigh*  I am a total silk junkie!

I did write in the notes that if they didn't think the silk could hold that saturation of color, I could change base yarns.  I would rather have it in the superwash base if the color will not be deep & rich.

Of course, since that is custom dyeing I won't see it for up to three weeks.  But given I have the socks on the needles and wanting to also cast on a sweater, a wait is not a terrible thing!  *laugh*

I confess part of me is also thinking the Tudor yarn needs beads.  I don't know why other than perhaps looking at the lovely Evenstars with beads.  Of course Carin from Round the Twist made one so that got me looking at beading again as being so lovely.  And of course there is the stunning shawl my knitting goddess SIL made for me.  I don't know if you can see any beads in the pics, but they are there and so lovely.

Of course, I don't have a pattern yet.  And I can't get too crazy with the pattern otherwise with mommy brain and lack of knitting time, it will never actually get done.  So I have to choose wisely.  *smile*

Best to get to bed!!  Should have been asleep hours ago...  Though the Little Guy didn't fall asleep til about an hour and change ago.  Whee.  Night night!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

That Carin Has Me Thinking about Goals Again...

I swear, I should stop watching Carin's Round the Twist podcast because it keeps inspiring me to take on things!! *laugh*

She has been saying it is the year of the sweater for her.

I kept saying she is a faster knitter than I am...  But of course, hearing it again, the thoughts crept in...maybe I can do this.

So long as kids sweaters count, I think I am in.

My goal is to knit a sweater *and* put on the buttons on a sweater for DH, DD & DS as well as the 18" doll my DD has.  So four sweaters in a year.   *gulp*

And if I push myself, I should figure out what to do with the alpaca cardigan (rav link) I started for myself in deep hibernation.  It is too small for me at my current size.  I should decide what to do with it.  *sigh*  I am so not good about ripping projects with this much done and don't think the alpaca will do well with that.

For DH I have some sport weight yarn heather grey yarn I bought for him to make a sweater ages ago.  I said it would get started after I finished mine.  Hardly fair to hold to that given the deep freeze my sweater is in.

I have at least a half dozen sweaters queued for DD.  I have a book to make a matching one for her 18" doll.  I haven't decided if I just want to scale down a sweater or use one from Knits for Girls & Dolls book I got.  Though in looking at patterns for DS, I discovered the Phoebe's Sweater I have been wanting to get is in the weight of yarn I have already bought... Hmmm...  Could be a sign.  It comes with a doll pattern as well.  Though it might be small and need tweaking but of course in checking Ravelry someone has already posted the needed mods (another rav link).

DS is only 10 months old.  So of course I am thinking about taking the coward's way out and knitting his first.  *laugh*  But then again, DD loves anything knit for her and doubly so if the doll has one too.  Soo....  Decisions decisions!