Friday, May 29, 2009

I am overdue for some pics as per usual lately! *laugh* I have a finished object & some WIP pics.

Baby's First Blanket

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Baby Love Diagonal Baby Blanket by Lion Brand Yarn

Made for:
Kiddle due in Sept. 09

25" x 25"

US 8 / 5.0 mm Knitpicks Options

Caron Simply Soft Eco in Violet Plum 0300
~1.9 skeins = 475 yards
Purchased at Walmart in DE

I had picked up the Caron Simply Soft Eco yarn with hopes of making a baby blanket. It is pretty soft.

I like that it is done on a diagonal. This way I keep increasing until I almost ran out of the first skein. Then decreased with the second skein.

It didn’t make the 30" the original pattern does. But is it 25" x 25'. I think it made a nice size blanket. Small but good for a baby and maybe even a binkie.

Loving Memories Lacy Bunting

Loving Memories Lacy Bunting - Start

Loving Memories Lacy Bunting by Lion Brand Yarn

Made for:
Kiddle Due in Sept.

US 4 / 3.5 mm
US 6 / 4.0 mm

Bernat Organic Cotton in white - 43006
Purchased at Smiley's Yarns in Woodhaven, New York

I looked at a number of buntings and really like this one. The lacy bits on the bottom will be lovely for my baby girl who is due in Sept.

I have decided to knit the body in the round. I loathe seaming and there doesn’t seem like there is a good reason why it needs to be done.

I subtracted 2 stitches from each side of the front & back. That means I cast on 180 sts.

I am charting out the lace pattern. It is my first time converting a flat pattern into one in the round. It is definitely interesting. I have learned a lot by doing it.

I really should have taken some new pics as I got through the lacey part at the bottom already and it looks good.

The problem is that I tripped and fell. The good news is that I didn't land on my tummy. So the baby girl is fine. But I did land on my hands and knees. My wrists have both been tender as well as my right forearm. They are about 90% better. So I am hoping I can knit this weekend! But I am playing safe and careful.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finished Objects

I am overdue on posting some finished objects! I completed them a while ago. But things just keep popping up that need my attention. So I hadn't gotten the chance til now.

Sad thing is, I have another FO that I haven't taken pics of. Not to mention some stash that I got at the Smiley's sale. Between work and baby/pregnancy stuff, there aren't enough hours in the day! amnesia

Gothic Temptress Socks

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Cast On:
April 4 2009

May 10 2009

Gothic Temptress by Janine Le Cras (Ravelry Only)

Made for:

9" circumference, 9 1/4" long

US 1 1/2 / 2.5 mm Knitpicks Options & Harmony
2 socks on 2 circs

Knit Picks Essential in Black
3 skeins = 693.0 yards (633.7m)
Purchased at Knit Picks

I cast these on for April Sock Knitters Anonymous KAL. It fits both pattern possibilities. It is knee high and under appreciated.

I picked up the yarn especially for this pattern. I looked forward to making them. They were an easy knit as there is a lot of stockinette. So it definitely helped. But given they are knee highs, they still took a while.

I also am glad they fit both criteria as I could run out of yarn before I get to knee highs. I have big calves! Luckily, I didn’t run out and they go all the way to the knees.

I added extra stitches to the increases to help them fit my calves. So I ended up with about 10-12 more stitches than the pattern called for. It was easy to do given that they are toe-up. So I just kept trying them on, adding increases as needed.

I put elastic at the top edge to help them stay up. And I am very glad I didn't sew the picot edging at the top too tight. They fit well.

I need to buy the ribbon to lace through the back. I like the way they look even without that. But the ribbon will make them really special.

It is so hard to show the detail with black yarn. There is a picot edging at the top and there are some cables that form Os where the ribbon will be laced.

All in all, a satisfying finished project.

February Baby Bonnet

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Cast On:
May 8 2009

May 9 2009

Taken from imajypsee’s february baby bonnet project (Ravelry Only):

Made for:

US 4 / 3.5 mm Knitpicks Options

Knit Picks Shine Sport in Cherry
~0.5 skeins = 55.0 yards (50.3m)
Purchased at Knit Picks

I wanted a matching hat for the February sweater I made for the kiddle on the way. I thought the picture showed one. It did. But of course it being Elizabeth Zimmermann, she didn't say how. Just that she knit it. *sigh*

Luckily, during my grumblings about EZ, Silvercat pointed out that some on Ravelry had probably already come up with a pattern for it. A search on February bonnet in projects in Ravelry turned up many projects. The one I liked best was one by imajysee. She was kind enough to put the instuctions in her project description. So I was off and knitting.

Given the size, it was a quick knit. And it is a good, straight forward pattern. I love the way it came out.

And yes, I know Bear's ears ruin the lines of it. But the kiddle won't be out til Sept.. So I will have to wait for her to wear it. *grin* And Bear is a very patient model.

There is more I should share. But if I do not post this, I don't know when I will. And it might wait around several more days! So two finished objects down. Still have another I need to take pics of as well as some yarn pics. Whee.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Impressed with Storey Publishing & New WIP

I am really impressed with Storey Publishing. I sent an email yesterday about the error in the Wave Jumper pattern. Today, I got email back from the editor of One-Skein Wonders series, Judith Durant. She thanked me for alerting them to the issue.

She sent me the corrections for the pattern in the middle size! Within a day! I am mighty impressed.

I wanted a baby project to work on last night. After the Wave Jumper, I decided I needed a super simple project. I cast on the Baby Love Diagonal Baby Blanket by Lion Brand Yarn.

The beauty besides the simplicity is that since it is a diagonal, half the blanket is increases, the second half decreases. I have two skeins of Caron Simply Soft Eco yarn. So when skein #1 is about to run out, I can start the decreases with #2. So that way the blanket will work out regardless of how big it is.

Since I have less yarn than the pattern calls for, I figure my blanket will be much smaller. But I think it should still be a nice size.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Some Projects Are Just Challenging...

I am happy to report I finished the Gothic Temptress socks. I also cast on and completed a February Baby Bonnet to match the sweater. So it was definitely a good knitting weekend. I will try to post pictures soon.

I decided I wanted another baby project on the needles. I really thought that the Wave Jumper from the 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders would be an ideal project.

So I cast it on yesterday. I decided to go with the 3-6 month size. Figured that would be a good size. Counted stitches. All good. Went on my merry way. Knit the first two rows. Third row was were the pattern repeat really started. Got the last pattern repeat. Ummm. I was either short several stitches or over a lot.

Checked Ravelry. Only one person had done the middle size as best as I can tell. She said the number of stitches were wrong but didn't say by how much. I did the math. It was definitely incorrect.

So I cast on the correct # of stitches for the repeats. Knitting along. But something was wrong.

I managed to twist it somehow when I connect it for knitting in the round. *sigh*

I frogged it again.

I think it might just be a project for a later date and perhaps another yarn. I figured the ONline Supersocke 100 would be fun as it is a self striping yarn. And it would show off the wave pattern. But I don't know if it is the best choice. The yarn is kinda splitty. Also, there is a lot of pattern in the yarn already. The plies aren't the same color in most areas. So it is a pretty busy yarn. It might be too busy for the dress. I am not sure yet. I might try again at a later date. But I think something else should go on my needles right now.

I still have a Wensleydale Lace socks on my needles. I should try to finish by the end of the month for the KAL. Don't know if that will happen of course. I have maybe 1/2"-1" done of them. So probably not in only 20 days as I am not a fast knitter. But who knows. I still want to complete them as they should be pretty socks. (And the silk and nylon in them might make them nice summer socks.)

And then there is the alpaca cardigan that is always in the works. *laugh* I should try to finish it for next fall. But I haven't really been inspired by it. So it isn't moving very fast. It is silly as I have done the sleeves & about 1/4th-1/3rd of the body. So I should just get moving on it!

The brain has been percolating. And pattern searching of course. *grin* I am thinking a simple baby blanket would be good. I picked up some purple Caron Simply Soft Eco yarn. It is very soft and machine wash. I had figured it would make a nice blankie.

There is a super simple baby blanket:

The beauty of the pattern is that it is knit on a diagonal. So I can just keep increasing until I am almost out of yarn & then decrease with the second skein. It should work well.

Still thinking I might want another baby project on the needles. Maybe booties to match the February sweater & bonnet?

Friday, May 8, 2009

First Baby Sweater for Kiddle & WIPs

First Baby Sweater for Kiddle

Cast On:
April 21, 2009

May 2, 2009

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February Baby Sweater on Two Needles by Elizabeth Zimmermann
from Knitter's Almanac

Made for:
My Baby Girl Kiddle Due in Sept. - Size 0-6 months

US 4 / 3.5 mm Knitpicks Options

Knit Picks Shine Sport in Cherry Colorway
2.5 skeins = 275.0 yards (251.5m)
Purchased at
Knit Picks

First project I am knit for my baby girl kiddle due in Sept.. I am so excited to be knitting baby clothes.

I got the Shine Sport as it is machine wash. I figured it made sense to use it on the infant stuff as it will probably still be pretty warm in Sept.. Then again, you never know!

EZ doesn’t mention adding buttonholes until the pattern started. So I didn’t put any in for the garter rows. I just decided to put an icord tie at the neck instead. I like the way it looks.

I love that is the first baby sweater for my little girl to come!

I do seem to struggle with EZ's patterns though. The way she writes things doesn't make sense to me sometimes. For instance, for the sleeves, she says knit 4" with a 1" garter stitch border. However, it isn't clear if that means it is 4" or 5" total. I went with 5" based on another baby sweater I knit. I figure if they are long they can be cuffed.

She also just assumes you know you should be putting in buttonholes all along the way. I recall from the Tomten that I should read the entire pattern before I start. But I can't seem to translate in my head what it means. I can read it, but it doesn't make sense to me. So I tend to work along the pattern and the find that there was something she wanted me to do! *chuckle*

Either way, it is a pretty sweater. And it will look great on the little one.

I am going to do the matching bonnet which being EZ it is shown but no clear instructions given. Luckily, Jamie/Silvercat pointed out that someone on Ravelry has probably already figured out how to do it. And she was right. There were a few different ones, but I liked this one the most. (sorry Ravelry only link)

Works in Progress

I am not sure what should go on my needles next other than the baby bonnet. I do want to cast on an EZ baby surprise jacket. But I am not sure what yarn I want to use for it. Also, two EZ patterns back to back might drive me bonkers!

I have two pairs of socks on the needles currently. That is a rarity. I usually just stick to one pair at a time.

One are the Gothic Temptress socks. I love them, but they are knee socks and took forever to knit. I only have to bind off the edge, then fold over and attach for a picot edge. I will use EZ's sewn bind off so they are nice and stretchy. Though I confess I am worried about sewing the top over to create the picot edging. If it is too tight, they won't stretch enough. I am going to have to just be careful and perhaps leave more yarn than I would think was wise.

I also cast on a sock pattern that my mother-in-law got me while she was in England. I have been wanting to cast these on for a while, but hadn't yet. The Sock Knitters Anonymous KAL for April was underappreciated patterns (or a couple other options). The Gothic Temptress socks are for the April KAL as there were less than 15 in Ravelry. The Wensleydale Lace sock pattern wasn't even in Ravelry. So it definitely fit into that category. So I cast them on April 30th. I have til the end of this month to finish them for them to be included. Though I am aware I might not make it. Especially not with the baby knitting I want to do.

But either way, I want to make them. The yarn is this lovely Schaefer Heather that is superwash, silk & nylon. It has such a beautiful shimmer. And with the laciness of them, they should make nice summer socks.

The yarn I was talking about:

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The SKA KAL for May was cables or a designer who only has one free pattern. I confess that I don't really see cables as spring socks. And I don't buy really buy individual patterns. So I figured it made sense to have a pair of socks I wanted to do. If they get done in time, great! If not, I will still have a lovely pair of socks.

I have rambled enough for today!