Saturday, February 4, 2012


I am gonna blame this all on Silvercat...  Yah yah, that's the ticket. *smirk*

We got talking about Fresh from the Cauldron as the dyer is doing a yarn series soon that we both are drooling about...  It is something I won't mention in public as the dyer Jenn isn't doing it as a yarn club with spots or such. She will just be doing a store update at some date in the future. So I don't want to give it more press in a public place (feel free to email me if you know me).  (Not that I really think anyone reads my blog other than family and 1-2 fiber friends at best...  *chuckle*)

Jenn is an amazing dyer.  I have been lucky enough (with Silvercat's help) to get some of Jenn's yummy yarns.  I really love them.  *sigh*  I am currently knitting her Merino, cashmere & nylon fingering and *loooovvviiinggg* it.  So yummy.  

But the waiting leads to wanting. And the colorways for the line I want aren't even in the samples to make us drool stage yet.  And today is payday.  A dangerous set of events.  *sigh*

Silvercat got me looking at a bunch of the indie dyers she likes.  She has some really good yarn porn!

One she mentioned liking is Storied Yarns.  The dyer Jessica does some wonderful colorways. And she has something called the "Surprise Package full of Yarn OR Fibery Goodness".  There was a small & a large.  It is fiber plus goodies.  I couldn't resist.  I got the small box.  There is just something irresistible about a box of goodies all wrapped & customized for me.

Jessica sent a questionnaire with all sort of questions about what I like in terms of color, fiber, edibles, & fragrances.  She also asked about what books, movies & tv shows I like.  I probably babbled too much.  But you know how that goes if you are reading this. *laugh*

I really can't wait, but know I must.  In a way though, the anticipation makes it all the better.  *grin*  I am really excited.

Oh, and as if to say I had to order from her, Jessica has a Harry Dresden colorway which is spot on for Dresden.  Lovely black, grey & brown.  Perfect Harry colors.  (Might need to get that for DH sometime...)

Harry Dresden

And because I just can't seem to help myself...  Silvercat has been talking about her Evenstar shawl.  She is doing it in the most stunning colorway by Unique Sheep. They are pretty amazing dyers and dye to order.  Her Evenstar got me looking at their colorways.

This one just screamed "You must own me!"

The name of this lovely?  Tudor.  See...  How could I not??

They have their Luxe yarn base in stock.  It is 25% Tussah Silk, 75% Superwash Merino.  *happy sigh*  I am a total silk junkie!

I did write in the notes that if they didn't think the silk could hold that saturation of color, I could change base yarns.  I would rather have it in the superwash base if the color will not be deep & rich.

Of course, since that is custom dyeing I won't see it for up to three weeks.  But given I have the socks on the needles and wanting to also cast on a sweater, a wait is not a terrible thing!  *laugh*

I confess part of me is also thinking the Tudor yarn needs beads.  I don't know why other than perhaps looking at the lovely Evenstars with beads.  Of course Carin from Round the Twist made one so that got me looking at beading again as being so lovely.  And of course there is the stunning shawl my knitting goddess SIL made for me.  I don't know if you can see any beads in the pics, but they are there and so lovely.

Of course, I don't have a pattern yet.  And I can't get too crazy with the pattern otherwise with mommy brain and lack of knitting time, it will never actually get done.  So I have to choose wisely.  *smile*

Best to get to bed!!  Should have been asleep hours ago...  Though the Little Guy didn't fall asleep til about an hour and change ago.  Whee.  Night night!

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