Wednesday, February 1, 2012

That Carin Has Me Thinking about Goals Again...

I swear, I should stop watching Carin's Round the Twist podcast because it keeps inspiring me to take on things!! *laugh*

She has been saying it is the year of the sweater for her.

I kept saying she is a faster knitter than I am...  But of course, hearing it again, the thoughts crept in...maybe I can do this.

So long as kids sweaters count, I think I am in.

My goal is to knit a sweater *and* put on the buttons on a sweater for DH, DD & DS as well as the 18" doll my DD has.  So four sweaters in a year.   *gulp*

And if I push myself, I should figure out what to do with the alpaca cardigan (rav link) I started for myself in deep hibernation.  It is too small for me at my current size.  I should decide what to do with it.  *sigh*  I am so not good about ripping projects with this much done and don't think the alpaca will do well with that.

For DH I have some sport weight yarn heather grey yarn I bought for him to make a sweater ages ago.  I said it would get started after I finished mine.  Hardly fair to hold to that given the deep freeze my sweater is in.

I have at least a half dozen sweaters queued for DD.  I have a book to make a matching one for her 18" doll.  I haven't decided if I just want to scale down a sweater or use one from Knits for Girls & Dolls book I got.  Though in looking at patterns for DS, I discovered the Phoebe's Sweater I have been wanting to get is in the weight of yarn I have already bought... Hmmm...  Could be a sign.  It comes with a doll pattern as well.  Though it might be small and need tweaking but of course in checking Ravelry someone has already posted the needed mods (another rav link).

DS is only 10 months old.  So of course I am thinking about taking the coward's way out and knitting his first.  *laugh*  But then again, DD loves anything knit for her and doubly so if the doll has one too.  Soo....  Decisions decisions!

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