Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I seem to have stalled.  I have lovely, yummy yarn.  I have wonderful beads.  And can't figure out what pattern I want to make.  I keep looking, but not getting that definitive "that's it!" moment.  It is odd.

Mind you, I know this is sleep dep at work.  So I am not stunned.  But still, I wanna make the pretty.  *chuckle*

So I am turning to the knitters I know and soliciting thoughts, votes, alternatives.

Okay.  Yarn 1 is the Lady Bianca by Storied Yarns.  A colorway dyed especially for me.  Love it so much that it needs to be on the needles!  Red with some black, purple & blues.  The beads are a red mix with some more copper, clear & iridescent ones.

Storied Yarns Superwash Sock in Lady Bianca Colorway with Beadsmith 6/0 Beads in Vineyard Mix

I want to make socks.  I stung the beads as the idea of having loose beads on a project that I want to knit in front of the tv and on weekends seemed like a bad one.  So they are on there.  Plenty of beads.  More than enough for socks.  And btw, if you need to string beads, it is sooo much simpler with the pre-strung beads.   Took no time at all.  I did it while waiting for things to load in my database one night.

I think all the patterns have to be changed from cuff down to toe-up if I want to make toe-up socks which I prefer.  But the Rain Drops might have to be cuff-down because of the pattern.

Here are the possible patterns.

Gothic Windows:
Problem.  The pattern doesn't have beads so I would need to figure out how to add them.

Looking Glass from Walker First Treasury:
This is a stitch pattern.  Even started charting it to figure out how to do it in the round.  Can't find a pic of it.  Sorry.

Queen of Beads:
This is actually a glove modification based off a pay sock pattern that I don't own.  And given my issues with Blue Moon Fibers, I will not give them money for the sock pattern.  Mind you, between experience and the glove pattern, I could probably figure it out.  But I don't know about doing that...

Rain Drops Beaded Socks:
The beading in this requires slipping the bead onto the stitch with a crochet hook.  And I am not up for that.  I have read it and tried to think how to work it with the beads strung.  But I can't get my head around it.  See sleep dep.  *laugh*

Midnight Sky:
Own the pattern as I was in the yarn club.  Haven't actually used it.  Wish the photos had more detail.  At the moment, it might be the one I am leaning towards because it requires the least amount of tweaking.  And I like making patterns by designers I like.  Renee is pretty cool.  And I got to provide input on the colorways for the Decadently Dark Sock Club. Also, I couldn't track down my pattern and she offered to resend it to me.  So that is cool.  I wish the photos were better on Ravelry honestly.  It is hard to see what the pattern will really look like.  And I would be flipping the pattern to get it to work toe-up.

River Rock:
I am thinking about taking this pattern and adapting it to socks.  Given the yarn colorway is a vampire, like the idea of them looking like blood droplets.  It is the same reason that the Rain Drops appeal.  That look of blood.  Yah, I was a goth in my younger years.  Why do you ask?  *smirk*

Okay.  I have to scoot home.  So only one yarn for today.  Maybe I will share the shawl/ette insanity tomorrow...  *grin*

Mind you, I am desperately trying not to cast these socks on until I have the sock on my needles done.  Though I would say they are about 75% done.  So that is good.

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