Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Stash Dash 2015

The Knit Girllls have been putting forth this idea of a Stash Dash for several years now.  The idea is to use up your stash.  The Empress is Laura (aka Lala on Ravelry.)  She decides on the rules.  *grin*

This year, they had three options.  Either 3K, 5K or 10K.  I decided to go for the 5K this year. 

I made a lame attempt last summer.  And didn't get anywhere close.  I figure with the 5K, it will push me to finish the sweater I started in 2012!  Also inspired by a podcaster.  That was Carin from Round the Twist's year of the sweater.  Though she also got crazy busy and didn't meet her own goals. 

DH's sweater is 1700 yards.  So if I don't finish it, I won't be able to finish the 5K.  All it needs is the button band & pockets.  That is it.  Yet it lingers...  But I have been watching the Craftsy class on Button Bands & Buttonholes.  I think once I sit down and pick up the stitches, it should be really easy to finish it.  We shall see.

So far for Stash Dash, it is all spinning!

There is the The First Draft SW Merino in the Blood Moon colorway.

The First Draft Blood
Moon - On the Bobbin

It came in at 540.5 yards for 4 oz.!  That is the finest I have spun a three-ply! 

Pretty happy with it.  The only thing is I didn't put enough twist in the ply.  So I don't think I can use it for sock yarn which was the original intention...

Second was the ply that never ends...  *groan*  I kid you not.  A WEEK of plying.  Oof!  But at 1060 yards!  It is a monster!  DH says it looks like something out of Star Trek.  So I named it the Purple Trible.

Bump & Batt
Skeined & Waiting for Bath

This is the pre-bath pic.  Seemed to fit the name.  It actually balanced out more, though not perfectly.  There are some overspun bits. 

Next was the Dreams in Fiber Superwash Merino Pencil Roving in the Rose colorway.  Super soft & squishy.  Love the fiber.  Beautiful to spin & after the bath, it was sooo softy & squish!

Dreams in Fiber Superwash
Merino Pencil Roving - Spun & Skeined

381.5 yards.  Bit heavier than fingering.  But fat and soft and sweet.  Love it.  Definitely want to have it close to the skin. 

The pic isn't great.  I think I overcompensated for the lighting & pumped up the saturation too much.  But it is a wonderful yarn.

So all in all, three yarns and over 1982 yards.  1813 meters for those of us who are American & need it figured out.  Like me!   

That puts me at over 3000 meters to go.  But if I finish the sweater I started for my hubby, the Catkin Shawl (which is about 2/3rds done) and the socks on my needles, that puts me at only about 700 yards/636 meters left.  With the Tour de Fleece coming, I shouldn't miss the mark *if* I focus on the WIPs and finish them.

I don't want to count my chickens...  But I really think I have a shot this year.  It is all about finishing that sweater though.  I could make up the other yardage with spinning.  But given the amount of time it took to finish the Tribble, that isn't just churning out another before the end of the summer... 

Stash Dash ends August 14th.  So almost two months.  But time flies.  And I am not taking vacation until the *end* of August.  I will take a day here or there.  But mostly to do stuff with the Littles.  So not so much knitting time!  But fingers crossed.  I can get make it!

Saturday, June 13, 2015


 What is wrong with this picture?

See How to Ply in the Wrong Direction?!

For spinners, you can tell.  One is over plied.  One looks balanced.  They are the same fiber.  Same singles.

So why did one go horribly wrong?

Because I can't remember which is S & which is Z twist.  *headesk*


I started spinning in 2008.  It really has been that long.

And for some reason, I got it stuck in my head that S twist was clockwise and Z was counterclockwise. 


With the new-to-me wheel, I have been trying to improve my spinning.  I have been reading some of my many spinning books.  And realized I have the twist direction backwards. 

Z twist is clockwise. S twist is counterclockwise. 

Yet somehow, I keep getting it wrong!  *laugh* 

In some fairness, having them backwards for almost seven years, it isn't surprising that I keep getting it wrong.

I thought I read that it was best to S twist the singles and Z ply the singles into yarn for knitting. 

So when I realized I got them backwards, I have been trying to make sure I spun the singles counterclockwise & ply clockwise.

This is against the many skeins I have made throughout the years.

Though in checking, it is actually recommended to spin the singles clockwise & ply counterclockwise!!  So I have been doing it right for years.  I have just thought it was S then Z.  But in fact I had been doing it Z then S, just as it is suggested.

But with the new wheel, I thought I should be spinning the singles counterclockwise.  Then ply clockwise. 

So given I thought I should reverse things, I got completely twisted around.

Thus, plying in the same direction I spun the singles!  All because I am getting twisted.

Note to self -
Spin clockwise
Ply counterclockwise

Just like I have been for seven years.

But in terms of spinning, that means Z then S.  Not S then Z like I have thought for the past many years...


Live and learn...

On a completely different note, the Button Bands & Buttonholes Craftsy class is terrific.


I went on a buying spree of some Craftsy classes a while back. I am embarrassed to admit just how long ago...  I have to add a buttonband to the sweater that has been languishing for my hubby for ages now. 

The class has super useful info & things I never would have thought about.  A lot has to do with sewing on buttons.  I sew so they are completely different concerns than those of sewn garments.  Very cool stuff & useful.  It also tells me that I want Anne Hanson's button collection. *laugh*