Friday, May 25, 2012

2012 Goals Update

(I started this three weeks ago and then managed to forget about it.  *sigh*  It has been so busy it is crazy...)

Time to access my 2012 goals.  I will cross post this to my personal journal as well as I posted the original on both.

- Spend time with friends or have some solo time without DH & the kids
I am happy that I have gotten to have lunch with a friend.  I am staying hopeful again happen soon.  *crosses fingers*  Still need to focus on this more.

- Complete at least one pair of socks
Done!  I should post pics and do the write up on the blog.  But I haven't.  Here is the Ravelry link.

- Put buttons on at least half of my WIPs with missing buttons
Four are done.  So yes.  Half are done.  But honestly, I really need to finish the rest.  Though I still haven't found buttons for one.  Another doesn't fit Eldest Munchkin anymore.  And I am not sure it will fit Little Guy.  I need to check.  The other is that embarrassing one that is missing *a single button* since 2008. 

Here is the 2011 WIPs list and status:

Done -
Simple Shrug for 18" Doll - Button added / done
Shrug for DD - Button added / done
Aviatrix Hat for Ella - Button added / done 
Baby Jacket with Moss Stitch Edges - Button added / done 

Still in Progress but Some Progress Made -
Crest of the Wave Scarf - Missing some beads - added about 1/4 to 1/3rd of them.  Taking longer than expected
Flora Dress - 90% done

For the Flora dress, I am ever so close.  *sigh*  I had 3 of the 4 straps done.  Was cranking along on the last one.  And bam.  Ran out of yarn.  *grumblegrowl*  So it either requires that I shorten the other by at least 2" each which also means reknitting the ends as they have the pattern on them.  Or just giving up and finding matching ribbon for straps instead (which is what the pattern actually calls for).

Suri Bias Scarf - 60% done (though could end any time really)

The Suri isn't any hurry as it is an Xmas present that is actually long enough that I could just end it where it is.  It is very mindless knitting but the yarn is a pain in the tush.  It is fluffy with a thread to bind it.  So if you don't catch the thread, it can be very bad.  I did a few rows recently after getting annoyed with the Flora Dress.  Didn't last long.  I am tempted to just say it is done and bind it off as I really am not a fan of the yarn.

Untouched -
Cardigan for My Hobbit Elanor - Missing buttons 
Simple Cardi for Bella Ella - Missing buttons
Mary Janes for DD Daughter - 30% done Maeve Socks - 55% done
Beaded Evening Bag/Purse - Missing button since 2008.

The Beaded Bag has been in limbo for way too long.  Problem is I finally figured out the perfect button for it.  And of course now I can't find it!!  *groan*  I really tried as I was seeing the recipient in March.  I really wish I could figure out where they are!!
 - Have at least three dates with my DH
We got out for a late lunch for our anniversary. So that is progress.  Woohoo.  Definitely nice spending time with him.  And we discovered an amazing beer bar in Jersey City!  So a big win.

I am thinking when summer Fridays come back that we should take at least one to go there and have a late lunch again.

- Spin
I have spun!  Woohoo!  And super thrilled about it.  I am about 80% done with spinning a 5+ oz Bullseye Bump from the Loop.

I am super sad I missed them at Maryland Sheep & Wool as I wanted to meet the woman who creates these amazing batts.  But due to some people being sick, that didn't happen.  But my amazing SIL actually waited on line to get me a Bullseye Bump.  Too wonderful!

- Get back to some activity
Nope.  That simple.  Haven't been good about it.  I feel happy that I actually walked from my doctor's office to my office once.  If I could manage to get out of the house in time in the mornings, I could walk from the house to the train station.  It is almost a mile.  I think I have done that 2-3 times since the new year at most.  *sigh* 

Almost three weeks ago I decided I was late anyhow, so the walk would do me good.  And guess what?  I tripped!  Fell and bruised a rib.  Two weeks of really nasty pain but it is finally getting better.  Hoping to be able to spin again this weekend.  But that was also put on hold since the fall.

- Knit Sweaters for the Family (added after the original post)
The plan is to knit for DH, the two kids & Eldest Munchkin's 18" doll.  Made a vest for Little Guy.  Love it and happy the weather dropped a bit so he could wear it a couple more times.  Started a sweater for EM which is about 30-40% done.  Looks cute.  I am making it big so she can wear it next winter.  Of course, if I were a smarter human, I would have done the doll one first as they are matching.  *laugh*  But I wanted to start EM's first.

I know DH will be last.  That is kinda the plan.  I need to find a pattern for it.  He is pretty good about things.  But I know he doesn't want anything too crazy.  The yarn is a heathered grey yarn (Lion Brand Wool-Ease Sportweight).  It is a superwash wool/acrylic blend.  I suspect it will be a pullover as he likes them. 

So there is progress.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chic-a Yarn Keeper & More about Mojo

I am not big on knitting accessories.  But every now and then, something catches my eye and I don't resist.  I picked up the Chic-a Double Yarn Keeper.  I really don't know why I decided to spend the money, but I am oooohhh so glad I did.  I adore it!

Its design is actually pretty simple.  A plastic fabric bag with two metal grommets in the top for you to loop the yarn through. The top is see through plastic so you can see the yarn inside.   It has a zipper so you can open it.  Pretty simple.

But for knitting two socks on two circs, it is amazing!!  I am currently knitting socks with strung beads.  That can be a major nightmare.  Between two balls of yarn to tangle and the beads catching the yarn or the strung beads snaking out and about.  But it is so simple with this.  It keeps the yarn neat.  It also makes it very portable.

I confess I am looking to buy another one when I get paid as I want to put a second pair of socks on my needles.  I have to fiddle with the yarn because of the beads.  However, without beads, this would change my knitting completely.  No more tangled yarn balls.  No more spending time untwisting the yarn.  I adore it. 

My only wish is that they had a divider between the two compartments.  I think this would be an excellent idea for when you are tossing it into a bag to travel with it.  The bags would be fixed into a compartment no matter how much they got tossed around.  But it is a minor complaint.  I adore it.

On the last post about mojo, I took something my MIL told me and reworked it.  I decided that I should just focus on getting the dress done before I allowed myself to cast on anything else.  And that plan was rocking.  I got the body of the dress done.  Hooray. 

I decided to add knit straps rather than trying to find a matching ribbon.  Going great.  Three of the four straps, done.  In the home stretch...  Then 6 out or 12 inches into the final strap, I ran out of yarn!!  *sigh*

So either I rip back at least 2-2 1/1" on each of the other three straps or I just take off the straps completely. Or something else I haven't thought of.  I was so pleased with myself.  And then to have the yarn fail me.  *pout*  I am cranky! 

I confess that part of me feels like I did my job so I can cast something on.  *laugh*  But instead I just focused on the previously mentioned socks.  They were only *just* cast on.  I had cast on one sock & only half the stitches on the second!  That is it.  I was cranking along on them this weekend.  I have two repeats done.  I think I am going for at least four repeats but maybe five.  Depends on how many beads it takes as I strung all the beads I have for this project.  So if I can do five, I will.  If not, I will stop with four.

Mind you, the pattern says two repeats before beginning the foot.  I feel like either a) the author likes shorter socks than I do or b) my row gauge is radically different.  I kinda think b when I look at the patternpicture.  I think part may be that there is a row across the ankle without beads.  We shall see.  Heaven knows I might bead those. But again, we will see how long it is and how many beads I have left.

Gotta run.  I wrote this in the morning...but didn't have time to finish it.  If I don't post it now, who knows if I ever will these days!