Tuesday, February 11, 2014


It has been bitterly cold.  I have not wanting to take off wool socks *at all*.

Unfortunately, our heat is controlled by our landlord.  The one that sets the thermostat is from Poland and thinks 65 for the day is just fine!  (It is funny because you can tell when the woman comes home as it gets cranked up to all of 68...  We have complained repeatedly.  But we finally just gave up and have space heaters in every room.)

I went to put on my Maeve socks this morning.   Figuring cables, no yarn overs was an excellent idea.  These are the pair I just finished in May after starting on them before my DS was born.  Who was two by the time I finished them!  *laugh*



Talley of dead socks since the fall (in order of death I think...):
Maeve socks
Siouxsie the Scylla Black Dragons
Brigit Socks
Zombie Socks
Baudelaire Socks - though they might have been earlier than fall

Both pairs of handknit socks for DH also died.

So that is seven pairs of socks (maybe eight) that have died in less than six months!!

The Maeve, Black Dragon and Siouxsie socks I have less than a year! 

I confess that I am really peeved about the ones that died so quickly!  And the Maeve ones were so much work.  There is pattern on the foot, so I can't see that they are salvageable...  *sigh*

I think one of DH's pairs is just the toe of all places.  So I can add a new toe.  But pretty much all the rest are lost causes...  *sniffle*

It is really frustrating...


I really need to knit a whole lot more socks.  Part of me is saying nothing but SW/nylon blends in the future.  But the other side feels like the nylon makes them less warm.  (I am currently wearing my Witching Hour Socks in The First Draft Merino/Nylon sock yarn.  I love them.  But they don't feel as warm as the all wool socks.

The rational part of me knows that the reason I knit socks is because they are something I actually wear all the time.  But the emotional part is peeved that I can't keep them forever.  *laugh* 

Looking at my socks on my Ravelry page, http://www.ravelry.com/projects/akasha?set=socks&view=thumbnail I am struck by just how many are MIA or not ones I can wear on a daily basis (to thick or in one case knee highs).    And there are least three other pairs that are dead. 

It also makes me wonder where my cotton socks are...  I haven't seen them in eons.  Which makes me think they got into the bottom of a dresser drawer...  Maybe I will find them when I move.  *laugh*

I just counted.  There are currently five pairs of socks I can wear on a daily basis.  Definitely not enough with this weather!  *shivers* 

I have two pairs on the needles.  Both toe-up and past the heel turn.  But for some reason, I keep stalling on the leg of socks...  Not sure why.  The Rosebud Socks are beautiful and I can tell I will wear them a ton.  But it is a 24 row repeat.  So I have to be paying some attention.  Not a challenging pattern.  But it requires some attention.  The even rows don't have increases & decreases.  So that helps in terms of speed. 

The other are the Socks in a Week challenge that I failed.  So the logical part of my brain says just knit the freaking things.  They are socks!  It is a simple two row repeat.  Nothing challenging.  But I didn't finish them in the allotted time. 

Also, since I started them in 2013, I am not sure if they count towards the 12 in 2014 sock challenge.  Mind you, the sock challenge is a super loose group.  They don't care if you want to knit 1 pair or 12.  And I am not delusional enough to believe I will knit all 12 pairs in adult size.  I might if I knit some kids socks.  *grin*

All this is the long way of saying I need more socks.  DH needs more socks.

And I also need to knit him a hat!  I feel bad that he is outside, in the cold, clearing off the car with no handknit hat or scarf!!  He has two scarves but of course we can't find either.  *laugh*

Think I need a win.  So I should stash dive & knit a hat for him.  *smile*  I love knitting hats as they are super quick & easy.  But I never wear them myself. 

Okay.  Enough babble.  Back to work for me.  *grin*