Sunday, May 29, 2016

Baby Got a Bath

So my Ladybug for a bath.  *smile*

I got my wheel a year ago.  The previous owner had given her a "bath treatment" before I bought her. 

The treadles were getting a bit grimmy.  And I thought she could do with a good rub down.

Of course, being me, I did reading & watching.  Ordered supplies.  And finally did it this morning.

I watched this video:

It is very useful. 

I followed it with mods of course, being me.

Schacht recommends Danish oil.  And I felt that she could use that.  It gives it a slight tougher finish.

So, here's what I did - mostly followed the video except adding the Danish oil.

- Water wipe down
Barely damp, just to get the dust & grime off

- Murphy's "wash"
I used the Clean & Shine Spray.  It is at the dilution needed for cleaning.

- Brasso for metal bits
I think next time, I would do the wash & Brasso in reverse order.  So that way it would just wash off if it got on the wood.

- Danish oil
I took a look at who used Danish oil.  I followed her instructions.  Rub oil in.  Let it sit for 30 minutes.  Buff.  Repeat, but let sit for 15 minutes.  Funny part.  After doing that, I realized those are the instructions on the Danish oil.  *laugh*

- Wood Beams
I am going to let the Danish oil sit for the 8-10 hours recommended on the tin.  So either tonight or tomorrow, I will rub her down with some Wood Beams.  I have done a lot of reading on the forums.  It seems some people swear by only one or the other.  But some say they do the Danish oil every 2-3 years.  But on a more frequent basis, they use Wood Beams.

I think that is the best plan.  Especially with the treadles.  My feet aren't perfect.  I live in an urban area.  So they do get grimy sometimes.  Probably doesn't help that I have Mary Jane style shoes.  So some dirt is probably getting into them when I am out & about.

I am hoping this helps.  I confess that I was spoiled with my Babe.  It was really no maintenance.  I think I cleaned it once or twice the eight years I have had it.  It is PVC for the most part.  The treadles are wood, but not finished.  So I don't even have a guess what would help them.  So I just leave them be. 

I am hoping the Wood Beams will really make her glow.  A lot of people say that happens with the Danish oil.  But I don't really see that.  So either she was better off than I thought or I didn't buff enough...  Not sure honestly.

I should try to take pics.  Though I should have done before & after shots.

BTW, here is the link to Wood Beams: