Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sewing Not Knitting or Spinning

So this is sewing not knitting or spinning.  But I figured I would put it here.

I have a lovely Brother SQ9050 sewing machine my DH bought for me over two years ago for Christmas.  It can do 100 stitches according to the sales pitch (though I confess counting a straight stitch with the needle at one end & with the needle at the center as two stitches seems a stretch...*grin*)  It has an alphabet as well.  So you can add a name.  Nifty.

I picked up a no sew blanket from Walmart yesterday.  Little Guy needs a blanket for prek-3.  He wanted the Cars one.  It is cute.  Sure.

Looking at the instructions, I realize pretty quickly that the no sew method is a nightmare.  It requires cutting fringe and then trying each fridge to the other.   The specs say the finished size is 43" x 55".  So at 1" a piece, that is almost 200 cuts.  With the sides matching up...  *wince*

So I decide it will be faster to sew.  I have my lovely underused machine.  It is perfect.

Ummm...  Well...

First I think I will sew Little Guy's name on it. Great. 

Except when the machine requires an embroidery foot.  And I have no clue where the bag of sewing machine parts is currently.  *sigh*  Look.  Nothing.

Of course I say I will add it later.  Mind you, the blanket I made for Elder Munchkin for prek-3 two years ago was also supposed to get her name on it.  She used it again last year.  Wanna guess if her name is on it??  *laugh*

The salvage edges on the fabrics don't match!!  Are you kidding me??  The fabric squares aren't the same size.

I decide to sew two edges and then I will cut the excess after when it is stablized by the sewn edge. Good thinking.

So I get one edge & half the other edge sewn.  Then I look at the *bottom*.  It is a MESS.  Threads all over the place, loops.  *groan*  Had I thought to check the freaking tension?!?  Why would I do that?  *sigh*

So whee...  Get to rip and rip and rip...  *sigh*  My fav...

Okay.  Back to two unattached squares.  All good.  Start on the salvage edge.  Nearly done.  I look and look again.

I have sewn the right side out!  So when I turn it out to get a nice edge to the blanket, the type will all be backwards.  *groan*


I start ripping.  Then I decide it is time for a break.  So after a shower & lunch, I go back to work.

Got the tension right.  Get two sides sewn.  Then lay it out and cut the longer edge.  I decided I would sew that and then cut the shorter edge.  Works.  Sew the shorter edge with an opening to turn the blanket.  Actually works perfectly.

Had some issues because I didn't adjust the tension when I sewed the edge.  It is now going through four layers not two.  But I catch it quickly.  Only a couple little loops that no one but me and another sewer will notice. 

Take a Sharpie and write his name at the corner. 


Not perfect.  But it is soft & fuzzy.

If Elder Munchkin needs a blanket for Kindergarten, I think I may have to make her a new one!  Hers was made for a three year old.  And it shows. 

Probably gonna get two lists of things they need.  I have to go to Little Guy's school shortly.  They are having parents come at 4-5:30.  They will do a speech, check over paperwork (the same stuff we had to show when we registered him in MAY!) Then I get to meet the teachers.  Of course, it is a school.  So they don't have any child care. *groan*  So I am going solo.

I also really wonder.  What happens with two working parents?!  One has to take the time off to do this?!  Really??!

I love the school a lot.  But I really hope things haven't changed too much.  *crosses fingers*  Elder Munchkin's teacher left.  She mentioned that the feeling had changed dramatically.  A lot of the kids coming in last year didn't speak English.  So she had trouble with some of them even trying to communicate with them.  *sigh*  Just have to see I guess...

I really hope I can find all the sewing machine feet!  It has at least five for different things (including the automatic buttonholes & button attacher!)

Off to get the rest of Little Guy's stuff together.  Whee.