Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How Do You Get Knitting Mojo Back?

Anyone have great suggestions on ways to get your knitting mojo back on a project after it has lost some of its luster? 

I started a dress for the Eldest Munchkin while I was up in the Adirondacks almost two years ago.  I made it big figuring she could wear it the following summer.  I lost track of it in the disaster that is the craft/guest room.  But when we cleaned it up for company, I found it again. 

I checked about a month ago and to my amazement, it will fit still fit EM.  But I just haven't felt compelled to knit on it.  I look at it and think it would look really cute on her.  Yet when I think about picking it up and feel blah. 

Thing is, if I do not finish it soon, it should just be frogged.  But it is a simple super pattern.  There really isn't any reason I shouldn't finish it pretty quickly if I just work on it.  It is an aran weight yarn and the skirt is pretty simple.  The top section/tube is done and about 2-3" of the skirt.

I am trying to figure out how to pull myself away from all the stuff I want to do now, rather than later.  I am not sure how to get that mojo back.  But EM would look adorable in it.  Maybe I simply need to move it out with the active projects.  It is currently in the craft room which isn't good given it has reverted to the bad stage...  *sigh* 

There are so many sirens calling me that I am getting a headache.  *laugh*  The Tri'Coterie Sock BFL SW Self-striping yarn in the Siouxie colorway is singing out to become a pair of Scylla socks.     There is a KAL for the Isabelle shawlette.  But I guess I should count my blessings that the Tri'Coterie Sock Silk in the Black Pearl colorway hasn't arrived yet so I can't start it. 

I have a Bullseye Bump on my wheel that is begging to be yarn for something fun for EM.  And another Bump that is screaming to get on the wheel too.  I keep beating it back, telling it not til its cousin is off the wheel.  They are both from Loop, but they definitely feel more like cousins than siblings.  The one on the wheel now has glittery bits, lumps of sari silk and loads of bumpiness.  Bright colors with "Merino, corriedale, nylon, bamboo, tussah silk, recycled sari silk, and Angelina."  The other is smooth and lovely dark sweetness with merino, corriedale, bamboo & tussah silk.  Cousins or teenage sisters who want to be dramatically different from one another.  *laugh*

Mind you, I am chugging away on the Shawl for Queen Catherine in the Unique Sheep Luxe in the Tudor gradient colorway.  It is looking so beautiful.  I have been pretty monogamous with it as I really would love to get that done for Maryland Sheep & Wool.  *crosses fingers*  Though admittedly I am only about half way there.  I have knit up the first three of six of the gradient colors. 

Back to work for me!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Why I Love the Yarn Harlot...

Wow.  That is soooo me lately!  I want to be doing anything but work and have piles of it.  I want to go crazy with yarn purchases I really shouldn't make. 

Yep.  That is sooo me.  (The best pic I can find that I have of my goth days...and this was outdoors in Belgium.  So certainly not a my full gothdom.  I need to scan some of those.  Though there are actually some on Facebook of all place.  This one is particularly fitting...a cemetery at night...  *laugh*)

Mind you, I really was there in the black clothes and all.  Though listen to actual goth music not some wannabes.  (I had to look up Fall Out Boy as I had never heard of them... *laugh*)

Definitely makes me happy to know I am so not alone on having that inner voice of a teenager when it comes to knitting.