Friday, January 6, 2017

2016 Goals - What Happened & What About 2017?

So again, Carin from Round the Twist got me thinking about goals.  She says she didn't set any last year.  But I swear she did.  I have been too lazy to check.  *laugh*

My Goals for 2016 - Yes or No?

Participate in all the SSK KALs
Yes!  Thrilled with that.

Got into SSK again this year.  Can't wait to see what the KALs are.

Socks - Complete three pairs

Completed a pair in January 2016 that I started Oct. 2015. 
Finished Socks on a Plane as one of the SSK KALs in June.
Have the Bolshevik Muppet Socks finished *except* the afterthought heel by the plane trip home from SSK. Did I get a heel done in 5 months?!!  NOPE!  *sigh*

Big fat no.  Not one pair...  Not even part of a pair.  Nada.

Finish DH's Sweater
*sigh*  Nope. Don't know why really...

A Spin on Spin the Bin - Spinning 12 bits of fiber
Nope.  Spun one thing before the TdF then 4 fibers during it.  Spun no silk which was part of this goal.

So out of four, I failed on three.  *head hung low*

What about 2017?

I think I am taking a year off goals.  I wish I could say they help me.  But this year was not so good.

I may change my mind.  But the more I think on it, the more meh I feel.

I think I would like to work on some of last year's goals.  But I am not etching them in stone. Or keystokes.  *grin*

Something I learned.  I don't think I can do SSK & commit to the Tour de Fleece.  Though this year, I am driving so I can bring my own wheel.  I can spin at SSK which I couldn't last year since I borrowed a wheel for classes only.   

But I realize that I get kind burnt out with TdF and often don't spin at all until November or December.  And between TdF & then SSK, I was just too fried.  I haven't touched my wheel SINCE SSK IN JULY!  (Other than completing some TdF plying.)  Not good.

It is especially not good as I really should have practiced what I learned in Maggie Casey's classes.  She was awesome.  And had I practiced what I learned when I got home, it would have been so much smarter.

Though I also confess that wheel struggles at SSK made me reluctant to spin when I got home...    I did finishing plying what as on the wheel.  But then I just stopped.  I think it was a valuable lesson.  I need to practice what I learn during SSK.  And if I have been so focused on spinning for the TdF, it won't happen.

I think this year, I might try to participate a bit in TdF, but NON DOUBLE BUMP MADNESS this year!  *laugh*  A braid or two of Into the Whirl.  Maybe some other stuff. But not committing to daily progress reports, pics, etc..  If I am spending time & money on spinning classes, I want to practice after my classes.

We will see what I think when the time comes & what is happening the the SSK KALs.

I think if I say one thing as a goal it is to try and craft regularly.  I have been playing too many games and not crafting as much.  Knitting or spinning both kinda faltered.  And I know that isn't good for my sanity!!

Not committing to every day.  But at least a little as time permits!