Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lady Bianca & Mad about Beads

A pic of the lovely...

Lady Bianca by Storied Yarns

Yum!!  I didn't capture it well.  Normally, pics come out too dark.  The pics of the Lady Bianca by Storied Yarns all came out too light.  I tried to tweak them but didn't quite capture it well. 

I don't know why I went a little bead crazy...  *blush*  I got beads for this yarn, the yet to be shipped Unique Sheep one & some for a project that is a gift for a non-knitter.  The present was finished being knit eons ago. I was waiting to add some beads to the fringe.  I think it will look cute.  I got some mixed purple beads for that.  Though there will be a lot leftover.

Though why I am thinking beaded socks with the Lady Bianca & a beaded shawl with the Unique Sheep Tudor gradient yarn is beyond me.  *shrugs*  Not saying I won't do it.  Just that it is kinda crazy!  *laugh*

Don't have a set pattern in mind for either yet.  If anyone has thoughts, shout out.  I have been looking at shawl patterns since ordering the Tudor gradient yarn.  It is 700 yard of their Luxe, which is merino/silk.  Yum.  The beads are glass but are a metallic finish in bronze, greens & purples.

The Lady Bianca is superwash/nylon. I figured something like droplets of blood might be very cool.  But I also wanted something that would stand out.  So I went with a mix of colors...reds, amber, purple.  The other two beads I was fairly certain on.  These less so.  But I think they should work. 

Little guy finally work for his last feeding.  Gotta go...  Then sssslllllleeeeeepppppp!

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