Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Goals

I am cross posting this to my personal & knitting journals.  I like that the goals are mixed and think it helps.

- Finish the Maeve socks
Yes. I said it.  *gulp*  But I really want to get them off the WIPs list!  And they will look incredible.  And no, that doesn't mean make them ankle length.  *laugh*  They are already ankle length.  So binding them off doesn't count.  *grin*

- Have at least five dates with my DH
Hey, time to up the anty.  We need the time out together.  Our 10th anniversary is this year.  We need to do something special.  I really want to figure out a way to get a night alone without the kids for our anniversary in April.  It is critical that we get some time together without the Littles.  I love them.  But we also really need some time for us.

- Get more activity into my routine

I am hoping that when the nicer weather returns we can do more of this as a family.  I am also hoping maybe I can find some Wii games that I like that will enable me to work out more at home.  Since I have been approved for two days working from home again for 2013, I need to take advantage of that.  I am thinking that sometimes that needs to be me taking an actual lunch hour & working out during that time.

- Lose weight in a healthy manner
I need to get serious about losing weight.  Not just making half hearted attempts.  *sigh*  This one is rough.  I don't know if the answer is going back to Weight Watchers again or trying something new.  I know WW works.  And looking for something new requires time & energy I don't have.

With the merger stuff, I also need to be prepared if I get laid off.  I don't want to think about it, but I need to be realistic about it.  And there is a whole lot of biased against fat people.  It is one of the last remaining prejudges that is not only socially acceptable but in fact actively cultivated.

I am not at a healthy weight currently.  And I really need to keep up with the kids.  That will only get more true as they get older.  And if I am not moving, they aren't going to move much over time as well.  So it is very critical to make this a priority for the coming year.

- Get any buttons or beads on finished WIPs within four months of finishing the knitting portion
It felt good to not see so many items lingering in my WIPs that are waiting for buttons.  I still have the elastic issue for the dress for DD.  But otherwise my WIPs are just that *in progress*.  That feels much better than having them linger.  I was going to say two months.  But I know sometimes it takes a bit longer to *find* affordable buttons.  I have some lovely singleton or pairs of buttons.  However, I really don't have a sweater's worth even for the littles lying around.  So it takes time to find ones that won't break the bank.

- Get out solo and/or have an evening with a friendI would really like some solo time.  I also think this could include getting to one of the fiber fests.  I was sick for Maryland S&W and then too broke to make the trip to Rhinebeck (which of course came after a bout of illness tore through the house too so I was exhausted anyhow.)  So I really want to make one of the fiber fests this year.  *crosses fingers*  I really miss going.  *sigh*

- Sleep training with DSI won't go into this insanity.  But suffice it to say, it should have been done already... *sigh*

I think that is plenty for the coming year.  *sighs*  Feeling like there is too much when I look at the list.  That doesn't include the things I need to have happen in prep for the possible/impending merger.  I want to say I feel confident it will all be okay.  But it is all one big question mark.  And I don't know what I can do other than prepare what I can... *crosses fingers it all goes well* 

Frankly, I am current just hoping to be employed this time next year...

2012 Goals

I did okay with my 2012 goals.  I am feeling good about what I did.  Some weren't met, but I overall I feel okay. 

- Spend time with friends or have some solo time without DH & the kidsI lucked out that my dear friend Meredith got a job that is right around the corner from my job.  So we have lunch 1-2 times a month.  And a coworker has become a great friend.  We meet about 1-2 times a month.  Yes, it is confined to lunch, but they are one-on-one interaction with friends.  And I got very lucky and saw my dear friend Karen twice this year.  Given she is in AZ, that is terrific!  We have had multiple years when we haven't gotten to see each other.  I did also get to the girls weekend with some of DD's college friends & their wives.  That was great.

So no, I didn't get a lot of solo me time.  But I have gotten to connect more with friends which makes a huge difference!  Definitely happy that I have gotten some more time with friends.

- Complete at least one pair of socksDone!  I am proud to say I actually got *four* pairs done.  Woohoo.  *happy dance*  (Wish that one pair didn't have cashmere...*sigh*  Too itchy to wear long.  I know...I am weird.)

- Put buttons on at least half of my WIPs with missing buttonsThere were 12 WIPs.  Seven missing buttons & one waiting on beads.

Out of the eight that were missing buttons or beads, they are all done!
Finished:Simple Shrug for 18" Doll
Shrug for DD
Baby Jacket with Moss Stitch Edges
Aviatrix Hat for Ella - ended up on Will!  Too small for E
Simple Cardi for Bella Ella
Cardigan for My Hobbit Elanor
Beaded Evening Bag/Purse
Crest of the Wave Scarf

The remaining 2011 WIPs & Status:Suri Bias Scarf - Done
Flora Dress - Completed knitting but waiting on elastic which I swear I purchased already & won't find until I buy more elastic
Mary Janes for DD Daughter - need to frog.  Put in hibernation list but really need to reclaim the yarn.
Maeve Socks - 55% done - I don't honestly know if I touched these other than stealing one of the needles for something else...

The Maeve socks are beautiful.  The yarn is amazing and the color is intense and lovely.  So what's the deal you ask?  Cables.  Ornate cables that take a lot of attention.  A 16 row chart with things happening every row.   I still blame pregnancy hormones for casting on cabled socks three months before DS due date.  They are beautiful and need to be done!

- Have at least three dates with my DHI really thought I missed this one!  I was talking with DH about my goals (he asked me on New Years Eve if I had met my knitting goals sweetie that he is to remember.)  I had said I thought we only got out twice during the summer.  But then he reminded me that my darling SIL watched the kids while we went out to see a movie.  So three dates.  Hey, wait!  We also went out to breakfast while his sister was visiting the NJ shore during the summer.  So four!  Go us!

- SpinI did the Tour de Fleece.  Though as per usual with the Tour de Fleece, I use so much spinning mojo for that time that it drops off afterwards.  Though I did spin some yarn for DD's floating teaching assistant who is a knitter during December.  So I am thrilled.

- Get back to some activityThis was my biggest fail.  *sigh*  I am happy that I am walking to the PATH in the mornings.  I drop DD at school and then walk to the train station.  But that is only three days a week as I am currently working two days from home.  Mind you, most of the time on those days I am still walking her to school & then going home.  So that is some walking five days a week.  That is a major improvement.  But that is about it really.

Santa did get two dance games for the Wii but it is Just Dance Disney & Kids.  But they were mainly for the kids.  I have ordered Your Shape which is a fitness game with a camera.  I also got Dance on Broadway which is another dance game.  Silly, but I am hoping the kids like some of the songs so they will dance with me.  That has been the most fun about the dance games for the Wii. 

- The late addition - Four sweaters in 2012I added this in Feb. after listening to a Round the Twist episode about how 2012 would be the year of the sweater.  The goal was one for DH, DS, DD and her 18" doll.  Two out of four were done. *sigh* 

DS got a vest that was completed in March.  Looks adorable & should see if it still fits.  DD's was finished Sept. but of course lingered on buttons for two months.  It is kinda big though.  I made the 6 so she would have room to grow into it.  Probably should have done the 4.

DH's was cast on end of October.  Then I got involved with Xmas knitting...  So it has been lingering.  He said he wanted a certain sweater based on something he read in a Star Trek book over a decade ago.  It is your basic cardigan with pockets.  AKA super dull.  Of course since then he said he would have been happy with a dozen other things.  *laugh*  But it is good tv knitting. 

It cracks me up that I haven't finished the *littlest* sweater of the lot, the one for the 18" doll.  The pattern is to match DD's.  So I think since hers doesn't fit her well yet, I haven't been as motivated to finish it.  Also, I sometimes wonder if I don't love her 18" doll more than she does.  *grin*

So I met most of my goals.  And didn't meet a couple.  But overall not bad.

I just watched the Round the Twist podcast where she reviewed her goals.  And guess what?  She didn't meet one for the four.  *laugh*  Mind you, she had a whirlwind year that ended with her getting married in November.  So you can't blame her.  She decided this year there aren't goals, but just to enjoy knitting.

I will follow this post with my 2013 goals.  Figure this is long enough already!