Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Feeling Proud

So I am feeling proud!  I have actually attached buttons to four items.  Thus I have met one 2012 goal!  Hooray!

Of course, DH suggested I modify the goal to be that I have fewer items missing buttons by the end of the year than at the beginning.  I actually think that is a fair goal.  So I would like to end the year with three items or less needing buttons.  I hope to do it.

I pulled out another sweater I know needs buttons.  And discovered it needs *nine* buttons.  Of course I don't *have* nine matching buttons.  *sigh*  So I will have to buy those.

Though I did buy new buttons for the Cardigan for Merry one.  *Still* wish Eldest Munchkin could have worn that one given it was knit for her.  But her little brother should look very cute in it.  So I think I need to get it done sooner rather than later.  Needs the i-cord loops and the toggle buttons sewn on to it.

Of course for the purse missing the button for years now, I finally figured out what button I want for it.  And of course, I have lost the button I really want to put on it again!  *sigh*  It is kinda ridiculous!  It is for a friend I will be seeing in March, so I am hoping to give it to her when I see her.  So that gives me about a month to do it.

I didn't realize just how tiny the button hole for the Aviatrix Hat was!  It is tiny.  So I am betting it won't get undone much.  I am so happy that there was this adorable gold star one that my MIL gave me in a wonderful box of buttons that she gave me last Xmas.

Will in Aviatrix Hat  Will in Aviatrix Hat

For the Baby Jacket with Moss Stitch Edges, I decided to only add buttons for the top three holes.  The spacing on the buttons was weird.  So that it doesn't actually have a hole in the middle of the bottom edging.  So it would have looked wrong if I put them all on there.  Still wondering why I did that.  *shrugs*  But it looks cute with the top three.  Though heaven knows it may only look cute to a knitter now that I am thinking about it.  *chuckle*

On the sweater goal I added, I am debating.  I really don't want to buy more yarn.  I purchased enough for sweaters for the kids and have the yarn for DH.

I am tempted to start with the Little Guy first.  Waffles for Brunch Sweater or the Idaho pullover hoodie are the two that are tempting me most for him.  The detractor from the Idaho is that it is sewn pieces.  And I really loathe that.  But the flipside is that the detailing makes it looks cute and thus requires pieces.  So that has more appeal.

I have five skeins of Berroco Vintage Chunky in Dungaree, Black Cherry & Dried Plum.  I couldn't decide between the Black Cherry & Dried Plum for Elanor so I got both.  But the Dungaree & Black Cherry could look very cool for the Idaho one.  Thoug of course with the name I wish the Daddy's Little Helper Jean Jacket was in bulky instead of DK.  *smile*  Of course being me, I keep wondering if I could modify the pattern...  I say that with a half finished Mary Jane slipper on my needles that is supposed to be for Elanor...  *laugh*

I resisted the urge to cast either on over the weekend.  It was hard, but I am only about a quarter to a third of the way in on my socks.  And I want to finish them sooner than later. 

I am still debating patterns.  So many choices.  Any suggestions are welcome.

Though I have spent way too much time debating patterns for yarn that hasn't even been dyed yet.  It is the Tudor colorway in Luxe by the Unique Sheep that I ordered.  I have been looking as shawl/ettes.  That sort of colorway needs to be seen!  I am thrilled they said the colorway would retain its depth.  I decided to increase the quantity to the Bigfoot which is one and a half skeins, so 600 yards total.

Of course, when I think I will have the time to knit a shawl...  *laugh*  So I am delusional.  So sue me.  *grin*

Though then again, I am going to conference in Arizona in March.  That gives me knitting time on the plane and while waiting at the airport at the very least.  Last conference I was able to knit DH Kindle Cozy under the table and that one was more condensed.  So you never know what I might be able to do with this conference. Though I have my doubts a shawl is under the table knitting.  *chuckle*  Though given my socks are on two circs, they are even *less* suited to it!  *grin*

Best I get some work done.  Whee.

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