Friday, October 31, 2014

Purple Minion Part 2

Here are a pic of Little Guy in his costume.

He is super happy with it! I am too.  (Though probably should have resprayed the hair!)

I posted in my last piece about how I constructed it.  But I wanted to share pics of some more of it & a bit about the piece inside.

For the inside structure, I went with a large bubble wrap envelope.  It was similar to an open sided vest.  It supported the body well and kept it in place.  It made it easy to put on and off (which is important for his wearing it at school.) Should have taken some pics.  But it was basically a large envelope with the sides cut off.  I then cut the hole for his head.  Tight enough so it sat well.  But big enough that it went over is head.

I positioned it with him inside the costume so his head would be in the right place.  It worked pretty well other than Little Guy pulling his face *through* the hole a lot.  *laugh*

Eye/goggle opening
Silver part is the foam board painted with acrylic paint
Sides are poster board also painted

 Detail of side with elastic glued in place
Cut & put on with hot glue gun
(the reflection makes it look like there is white near the edge, but there wasn't.)

Teeth & Mouth 
Made a cut for the mouth & placed foam board teeth inside opening
Hot glued them in place but they were pretty secure without glue.

 Arm opening
Can see the other one on the other side
Made big so he could move his arms easily

 Inside circle a the bottom with duct tape to keep the shape of the circle
Not the most successful part
I think I would have done better to make two pieces of foam board to help the shape. 
But overall, it looks okay.

If I had to do over, I would shorten the head some.  It is pretty tall and I think a bit taller than it should be in terms of proportions.  It also means it was a bit top heavy.  The poor guy fell over at school!  Luckily, the teachers helped him up.  But they said he looked like a turtle.  Poor dear.  But he was laughing the whole time they said.  So he was fine!

Went with a black shirt because we didn't find a good match in color. Also, this way he could wear a black shirt with his Yellow Minion shirt over it.  So he could have that as a costume when not in the big construct...aka pretty much most of the school day!

Overall, I think it came out pretty well.

I missed the pics of Little Guy kissing his costume.  But I got him to sit next to it this morning.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Purple Minion Halloween Costume

Another craft vs. knitting post. But hey, it is my blog that maybe two people read...*laugh*

Little Guy wanted a Purple Minion costume.  After seeing Despicable Me 2, I figured it was a given that they would have Purple Minion costumes.  They do.  They have this...

Really??!  That's it??!!

So I hit the internet.  And of course, wow!  There are some stunning ones.

Next time I am doing something like this, I want some EVA foam!

I took the eye piece as face hole from this.

Love that the body of this was cardboard tube used to pour concrete into.  Though I looked and couldn't find anything similar (and probably too heavy for a three year old anyhow!):

Love this one.  Really want to know how they got cardboard into a cylendar shape:

I think the purple tulle for the hair is hillarious

This site has the best graphic of the M logo on the overalls:

So...  What to do and how?

If this were an adult costume, it would be worth some EVA foam for certain.  But I would have had to order it.  For a kid's costume, I don't know if it is worth the cost given I don't know a kid who wants the same costume two years...ever!

I browsed the aisles at Michael's for eons.  Picked up several items and put them back.

I really thought I would just use a thick poster board.  But there wasn't any large enough and heavy enough.  But after roaming the aisles for eons, I finally found some framing mount board.  It was stiff, but could be bent.  It was good.

I knew it would be wise to put something inside to help it retain a circular shape.  I though some things for making flower wreathes would work. But in the end, I realized that it wasn't the best choice.  I opted for foam board.  That way I could make sure it fit tight around Little Guy, but not too tight.  And with any of the premade pieces, it was possible that wouldn't have happened.

Saturday involved cutting out the face & arm holes & sketching out layout.  Out of the foam board, I cut a circle for the top & an open one for the bottom.  I also used the foam board to cut out the circle for the goggle.

I painted the piece with silver acrylic paint.  A number of the DIY goggles had tinfoil.  But in the images, the goggles are much more mat than glossy.

It was a bit challenging to get the board to become a cylinder.  As I mentioned, it was kinda stiff with some give.  So after some thought, DH helped me tie some yarn around it to make it into a cylinder.  It was left that way overnight.

Sunday was even more busy.

First, I glued a wide strip to the inside of the mounting board.  I used the wrong side as the outside since it had a more glossy finish.  The other side was a bit matt (as the name matting board would indicate...*grin*.)  So the paint would have soaked in more and made it a bit more dull.  Not what you want in your Minion.

I was going to use some spray glue.  But the can I had was old and wouldn't work.  Luckily, we had two containers of Crazy Glue.  I used pretty much all of the two to glue the pieces.  It needed to be super secure so the back wouldn't pop open.  And Crazy Glue did that!

While letting the glue dry, I cut out some poster board to attach to the goggle piece.  Duct tape is my friend.  *grin*  I taped along the inside.  I thought doing it on the outside since it was silver.  But it looked better if I matched the sides to the front.

Because of the curve in the body, I had to make the goggle edge piece really large & cut it down.  It took a few tries, but it came close.  I painted silver on the poster board piece & let it dry.

Then I started with the silver on the M for the logo on the overalls.  For the purple minions, it is the M for El Macho.  Again, let it dry.

It was time to get the circles for the top & bottom done.  I had already cut a circle for the top of the head & an open circle for the bottom.  The solid circle on top would work for the hair.  Originally, I was going to make a rounded head like the Yellow Minions have.  But I realized with the hair going on it, flat was fine.  I attached it about an inch below the top edge.  That created an area for all that hair to be attached.

I debated if I wanted to put the piece on the bottom.  The shape was pretty good, but there was a bit of bending.  So it was smarter to attach it.  Because it was only foam board, it bent a bit when I tried to insert it.  So I wrapped the whole thing with duct tape with a couple extra wraps for the bend points.  More duct tape to attach it.

Next, it was time to get back to painting.  I did the black for the overalls first.  I forgot to draw on the line for the goggles.  Oops.  I figured I would paint it after I did the purple.  But then it dawned on me that I had some wide black elastic.  That could be perfect!

While looking at the teeth & thinking about painting them, I recalled the Minions made from the EVA foam.  They opened up the foam to make a mouth with teeth.  I had the "ah ha" moment.  I used a thin box cutter to cut the mouth.  (I have some idea where my exacto knife is, but I confess that I don't know if I have any useable blades.  I think the last time I bought any was when I was in college...)

I bought a rotary cutter as I figured it would help with cutting the circles for the foam board.  I think either I need a whole lot more practice with it or they aren't designed for circles.  I also think I needed a larger one for foam board.

I attached the goggle with hot glue.  It was the best way to attach it.  I put a pretty thick bead around the interior edge of the goggle.

Purple paint next.  I had to mix a large batch of color.  If I had to remix it, they might not match.  I had to work quickly as it is acrylic paint.

Time to let it all dry.  Just in time for a quick break before dinner.

After it was dry, I pulled out the elastic & cut it to size. I cut it to match the curve of the goggle.  Hot glue to job.  Pretty thick coat at the edges.  I also put some at several points on the elastic to make sure it stayed in place.  I didn't pull the elastic as I didn't want the stain on the place where it attaches.

I cut some teeth out of foam board.  I figured I could stick them into the opening.  The opening was still pretty tight.  So it was possible to push the teeth into place.  I think they would have stayed just like that, but I used some hot glue to secure them just in case.

After the Littles were in bed, it was time for that hair!

I had ordered three different fibers from Paradise Fibers.  Luckily, it arrived on Saturday.  It really seemed darker than the pics on their site.  I looked at the Purple Minion pics at the same time as the fiber.  I thought the lavender was too light.  But honestly, it might have been a better choice.

I think the purple of the Minion is darker than it should be.  But with the roving color I got, it needed to be closer in values.  Of course, Little Guy & DH think it is amazing as is.  So I don't hear any complaining.

I went with the Louet Corriedale wool.  The Ashford Merino was a bit lighter in color.  But the Merino was way too floppy.  I order the Corriedale as I know it is a longer staple with more crimp.  So better for that crazy Purple Minion hair!!  *smile*  The Ashford Carded Corriedale Wool was the darkest of the lot.  Though I actually think the lavender in that might have been the best one.

I used the full 8 oz. I bought!  I started at the edges & moved inward to the center.  I used plenty of Elmer's Glue to attach each piece.  The fiber was already in a wide strip. So I ripped off pieces about a foot long.  I fluffed up the fiber, opening up each end.  Then I made a loose twist at the center.  I attached the center to the top of the head.

As I worked towards the center, the pieces got longer.  The top of the head is higher.  So I wanted more there.

I really should have taken a pic of it before I started styling the hair.  It looked like a boy band reject.  *laugh*

I let the glue dry overnight.  Elmers isn't really quick to dry so it was better to leave it.

Monday, the glue was nice and dry.  Time to style!  I asked DH to pick up super hold hairspray.  He got Salon Graphix Mega Hold Freezing Spray.  Says it will hold hard to control hair and lots more.  Perfect.

I started at the center, spraying a lot at the base and making it stand straight up.  I pulled it into points and upward.  I also opened up some of the pieces to spread them.  Spraying in sections, moving outward.

I left some pieces to droop over the edge.  It helped cover the top of the cylinder.  Also, in looking at Purple Minion pics, it really seems that their hair starts at the elastic for the goggles.  And I didn't have that much fiber.

In retrospect, I should have had the top shorter and started the hair at the goggle line.  But honestly, I don't think it would make that much of a difference.  I think it looks pretty awesome as is!

What might work well as an alternative is purple cobweb. I swear I have seen it as a decoration.  But I haven't seen it in a store.

I tried to add something to hold it onto him.  But it didn't work.  So tonight I need to add something inside.  Think I just had an ah ha moment again.  I may write more about that tomorrow if it works.  *crosses fingers*

The scary thing is I did all this and I am not certain he can wear it at school.  *sigh* They said no masks.  And this isn't a mask, *technically*.  But it does impair vision which I suspect is why they won't allow masks at school.  We shall see on Friday.  I figure I will make sure he has his Jake & the Neverland Pirates outfit too, just in case.

I should post some pics. Here is one.  Maybe tomorrow I will post more detailed shots.