Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

My Small Surprise Package from Storied Yarns arrived today!! 

It was really terrific.  I loved it.  The theme was "Vampy Valentine".  I don't want to give away everything in it in case someone decides to get one.  But I do want to share some highlights.

Everything in the box was wrapped in tissue paper & had yarn around it like ribbon.  It has a slight shimmer to it so it was perfect for the wrapping.

Jess was great.  Everything was well thought out and wonderful.  She really seemed to have nail it down. 

My fav, of course, was the yarn!  Oh my!  *sighs*  It is beautiful.  I need to take some pics and share when it is daylight so as to catch all the colors.  But the colorway is dead on for me.  Deep, darks reds, black, a bit of purple...  Yum.

And the lovely's name?  "Lady Bianca".  It is from the Dresden Files.  I mentioned that I loved her Harry colorway.   Of course now I am wondering if she is named after the Bianca from the books or the tv series. I would lean towards the tv ones given she is so lovely (played by Joanne Kelley from Warehouse 13).  But "Lady" I would think would refer more to her as she is a madame in the books.  Though she is pretty much pure evil in the books.  But honestly, I am not sure.

I watched a little bit of an episode with Bianca on Netflix.  I do miss the Dresden Files show.

Back to the yarn, it was dyed especially for me.  Jess said that if I didn't like it to let her know as she would gladly take it back as she really liked it.  Not a chance she is getting it back!  So yummy.

Now, of course, there will be the pattern search.  And the question, shawlette or socks?  It is so yummy I want to share with the world, so that cries shawlette.  But socks get worn more. And there is a lot to be said for that...  Soooo....  Decisions decisions!

*takes another nibble of the super yummy chocolate that came with it and gets back to work!*

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