Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Should Be Working...

I hate days like this.  I should be working but 100 other things are running through my brain.  Mind you, the thing I need to get out requires someone sent me something *last week* which I still do not have.  *growl*

But the happy happy news is the Small Surprise Package from Storied Yarns has shipped!  I am sooo excited.  It had been a while since I splurged on something just for me.  (Of course, I think I went a bit overboard last paycheck between this and my Unique Sheep order. *blushes*)

Do you ever have projects that just tell you "No, I am not to be."?  Saturday, DH was away for the day with friends.  It is a yearly thing he loves doing.  I decided for some reason I have yet to determine, that meant I should cast on a new project.  *blink*

I had said I want to try to knit four sweaters within the year.  I added this to my goals for the year.  I figured if I started with the sweater for Little Guy, it would be easy.  And you know, it should have been...really...

I did a Ravelry pattern search and found a cute vest pattern - Baby Partridge Vest by Jennifer Burke.  Cast on, got the ribbing done.  Then went to start the stitch pattern.  Scratched my head a lot.  Checked Ravelry.  Found that there was errata for it.  But come on.  It is a pdf!  I really don't understand why they don't correct the pattern and repost it.  It makes no sense with a pdf.

But I cast on again.  The correct number of stitches.  I get to the pattern repeat.  Do a few rows.  Way too busy for the yarn.  I thought that it would help but it made the wild colors worse.  So I ripped back.  Tried to put it back on the needles.  Managed to drop one of the stitches which I didn't notice until I started knitting the row.  *sigh*  Started tinked back to the start of the row.  Got about half way and decided it was insane.  I only had 1" of ribbing.  Just start over.

So I made another attempt.  During the last go round, Little Guy grabbed the needle cable and pulled it out.  I didn't have any 24" ones left.  So I decided to magic loop it with my 40" one as my 32" also have disintegrated. 

I don't know why they all decided to fail recently. I am kinda hoping that Knit Picks has improved the design in the five years or so ago I bought them.  Mind you, if I complained to customer service I suspect they would send me new ones at no cost as they did about six months after I got the first set.  But I don't like doing that as they have been used a lot.  So I can't blame them for it.

So I am magic looping.  I do this all the time.  I noticed something was a bit odd.  But I just thought it was a gap between the points where I start the needle.  No biggie.  Do a little patch.  Fine.

I figure it is time to start the body.  Look at the stitches on each side.  They aren't even.  *blink*  Really?!?

Somehow I managed to knit back a row on the same side!!  *shakes head*  So there weren't the same number of rows knit on half the stitches.  *bangs head against desk*  Really??!  Yep.  Really.

I went to rip it out.  And pulled the cable from the 40" one.  *groan*  Really?!

It was a sign.  I ripped it out.  Put the yarn aside.  Out of sight.

Score one for Ares, the god of war.  Yes.  I am knitting a baby/toddle sweater out of a colorway named after the god of war.  Perhaps it is trying to tell me something.

Though I still have the yarn set aside and am thinking about using it for the Chris Woven Yoke Vest .  Me, crazy...  Why do you ask?!  *grin*

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