Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Finishing Stuff

I am really trying to finish stuff.  It is unlike me to have so much on my needles and so little finished.  So I am trying to get things off my WIP list.

Of course, if it were anyone one but me, I would just add freaking buttons to the four WIPs that are missing buttons.  Though kudos to me for adding more beads to the fringe on a scarf.  It has been sitting in limbo for a while with no excuse other that *it is freaking time consuming to add beads to fringe!*  Add the beads and then double knot the edge so said beads don't fall off. 

The scarf/neckwarmer was knit in 2010!  I kid you not.  But it has been sitting in my WIP pile waiting for the beads.  I did some when I got the beads back in spring of this year.  But then it got moved out of my WIPs next to the couch to a bin in the craft room.

If I weren't so desperate for Xmas pressies this year, I fear it would have languished there even longer.  So now out of 18 groups of 4 strands, 13 are done.  But given I did five sets of fringe over the course of three hour long shows, I fear it will take about three more hours of work to complete.  Maybe longer.  The beads I got were on strands.  So I was easily able to thread them from one strand on to the yarn with a specialized beading needle.  In the course of the beading, the ends got undone and the beads spilled.  So I now have loose beads, which take longer to string.  Whee.

Hope the recipient really likes the beads.  'Cause I am sorely tempted to just cut the freaking fringe off!  But given I am over half way through, I can't do it.  So I press on with it.

I finished my Lady Bianca socks I started in March!  They aren't hard.  But I love using the Chic-a double yarn keeper when knitting two socks on two circs.  It keeps the yarn from becoming a tangled mess.  I decided to participate in a Downton Abbey KAL so then I was done with the beading on the legs of the Biancas, I snipped the yarn & took them out of the Chic-a so I could use it for the DA KAL socks.  Then the Scylla socks went into the bag next.  So the poor Lady Bianca socks languished. 

But I am happy to report they are done.

Lady Bianca Socks

Lady Bianca Socks - Top

Set of pics:

Cast On:
March 13 2012

October 20 2012

Midnight Sky by Renee Leverington
Got during my run in the Decadently Dark Sock Club

Made for:
Me & my size 9 tootsies

US 2 - 2.75 mm & US 0 - 2.0 mm

Storied Yarns Superwash Sock
~ 0.75 skeins = 346.5 yards (316.8m)
Colorway Lady Bianca (dyed specifically for me by the wonderful Jess for a
Purchased at Storied Yarns - http://www.etsy.com/shop/storiedyarns
Though I was happy to see she posted the colorway in worsted - http://www.etsy.com/listing/111953158/superwash-merino-worsted-yarn-100g-lady

I confess I seriously debated trying to change the pattern to toe-up as that is my preferred method. But I decided to stick with cuff-down as written because of the lovely pattern that goes down into the top of the foot.

I ended up doing six repeats on the leg instead of 2. I like longer socks. Also, more beaded beauty. I was worried I might run out of yarn, but there was a ton left when I finished.

I love the pattern. I got it back when I was in the Decadently Dark club. I seem to have lost it, but Renee was sweet enough to resend it to me! She is so wonderful.

I debated long and hard about what pattern I wanted to use for the lovely Storied Yarns Superwash Sock Lady Bianca that was dyed especially for me. Something about it cried out for beads. So with that in mind, I started looking at beaded socks. There were a bunch in mind, some more vampire geared given Lady Bianca, but I kept coming back to this pattern.

I am hoping they will be a lovely pairing of pattern & yarn.

I added an extra pattern repeat to the top. The pattern is for a medium foot. I have a size 9 foot and large ankles, so I figure it is better to have a larger sock.

For the pattern on the top of the foot, I added a repeat that made sense so the pattern continues further down on my foot. But I think it works well.

All in all, I love these socks. Only bad part is I did my cast on too tight. So they are a bit tight at the top of the leg. Not thrilled with that. But otherwise they are beautiful socks.

I also hadn't posted pics of the aforementioned Scylla socks!  That is because I hadn't taken any until I took the Bianca pics.  So here is that.

Siouxsie the Scylla

Siouxsie the Scylla Socks - Side

Set of pics:

Cast On:June 27 2012

Completed:September 30 2012

Pattern:Scylla by Fiona Lucas
Made for:
Me & my size 9 tootsies

Needles:US 0 - 2.0 mm
US 2 - 2.75 mm

Yarn:Tri'Coterie Sock BFL SW (self-striping) in Siouxsie Colorway
1 skeins = 437.0 yards (399.6m)
Purchased from a destash

I love this yarn.  It is beautiful.  I also love Siouxsie Sioux.  I spotted the yarn in a destash and needed it!  I am so glad I got it.

Maylin at Tri'Coterie is one of my fav dyers.  Her colorways are beautiful.  The colors here aren't quite as obvious as just black & red.  The reds run from scarlet to a deeper red, not burgundy, but there are three different reds in the stripes.

I confess that I am actually a bit disappointed that I didn't just knit a vanilla sock to really show off the colors.  But the Scylla pattern is great and really does accentuate the yarn in interesting ways.  I think it is fitting for Siouxsie.

I increased the number of stitches in the foot to 72. I didn't get gauge. The yarn seems more like a light fingering, so I need to do it on 0s to get a good solid foot. With the toe up and the four stitch repeat, it was an easy tweak.

I wanted a looser leg with more give than the foot. So I went up to a 2 1/2 needle. I broke one of my size 1s needles so I didn't have the pair for two socks on two circs which is my preferred method. I think the looser gauge is nice on the leg.

Overall I like them and hope they will wear well.

Other WIPs

In the stack of WIPs was the Cover Your Eyes for Peek-a-Boo shawl/ette.  I picked up some Knit Picks yarn to finish it because I ran out before I could cast off.  And guess what?!  I think I did it again.  I think I didn't stop in time to do the bind off.  *laugh*  I am nothing if not consistent with this thing! 

I did buy two different DK yarns from Knit Picks to see which worked better.  So now I am debating if I want to do the edge in the black Gloss I picked up (SW & silk blend).  Or if I want to take some of the leftover Lady Bianca yarn & double it for the edge.  That might look really cool.  I am thinking it could be interesting to add some of the beads to the edge as well.  Much like blood droplets...  Given it is the Reaver colorway.... 

Decisions decisions...  *grin*

In the same Knit Picks order is yarn to finish the Spring into Style shawl.   The yarn is a decent match.  I just have to get the last rows done.  Because it is another gradient yarn, I think the different yarn will look fine.  So that is good. 

I think I have nine more rows to complete with that one if I am remembering correctly (and if I didn't do more after my notes on Ravelry.)  It really should be a beautiful piece when it is done.  I just need to *get* it done.  But at least I have the yarn. 

The yarn is by the same dyer as my Siouxsie yarn.  I asked if she could dye some more for me.  But the yarn I got is only available in 150 gram skeins.  She buys that yarn pre-cut.  She even was kind enough to offer to do 100 grams in another colorway.  But honestly, I wasn't as taken with her Sock BFL Silky as I am with her Sock Silk.  The Sock Silk has a bit more twist so I personally like it more.  It is just my preference.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cranky Cat

(Cross posted to LJ & knitting blog)

As the name suggests, this is a lot of crankiness.  So please ignore at will.  *grin* 

I am a super cranky cat.  I know I shouldn't be.  But I am.

I am sick of pain.  I went to get the crown started on my recent root canal.  The dentist was training a new assistant.  Okay. 

Won't bore you with all the details of how much of a headache it was to get an answer about how much this would cost.  But when I arrived, they said there was another $120 for a temp crown to add to the insane costs already.  This is with insurance.  I hate to think what this would cost without it!

So during the procedure, the dentist says it may require a crown lengthening.  Which of cost would add to the cost.  Fabulous.  He said he would let me know as he got further along.  *sigh*

Won't bore you with all the details.  But he said it was more involved because of the depth of the root canal.  In the end, he said he wasn't going to do the lengthening but there was a small margin with it.  Whatever that means.

At the end of the two hour procedure, he tells me my mouth will be sore for 5-6 days.  What?!  A root canal, sure.  But the crown?  He says there is a 'nick' in my mouth.  So eating might be a bit painful.  He said I would definitely need some pain relief.  Excuse me?  He acted like it was completely normal.  *blink*  I have had a lot of dental work done.  I haven't had a 'nick' before.

When I got home, I saw that in the bottom of my mouth there was a huge lump.  It seems the nick formed a bump around it.  There are also sore bits on the side of the mouth & top.  Marvelous...  *sigh*

The thing is the dentist actually seems good.  Which is why I am so annoyed by it. 

A large part of this is that I am tired of being in pain.  There was the root canal. Then there is the cold/flu crud that has been running through the household now the crown.  The kids are cranky from the cold/flu too.  Little Guy is coughing tons.  Eldest Munchkin seems to have finally shaken it for the most part.  But just... 

On top of this, the cat had to go into the vet last Saturday.  He had a spot on his back that looked like he had scraped it.  The fur around it was missing.  I figured he had scraped it somehow.  Cleaned it out.  Figured it was fine.  But then there was another spot near his mouth.  *sigh*  So he went into the vet.  They weren't sure what it was.  But nearly $300 later, he got a topical ointment & pills.  Oh joy.  Pilling a cat.  And as if that isn't entertaining enough, he also is supposed to take half pills.  Getting a whole pill into him is challenging enough.  But a half pill?!!  *sigh*

And today in New York Sheep & Wool.  And after all these costs, guess who isn't going?  Again.  I haven't gone since 2009.  I really thought I would go this year.  I really thought I was going solo so it would mean a little break from everything.  I love my family.  And heaven knows DH needs the break more given that he has been having to deal with a houseful of sick critters.  But I sooooo wanted to go.

I miss it.  I miss getting to go to fiber events.  And I really was hoping to score a Bullseye Bump from Loop.  I love her fiber.  But alas.

I am just feeling grumpy and sore.  I just want to curl up and do whatever I want.  But with two kids here, it is more kid friendly fare if the tv goes on. *sigh*  I am so sick of kid friendly tv & movies.  *sigh*

I think part of this is I just want some me time.  And that isn't gonna happen.  I love my kids.  Don't get me wrong.  But sometimes a break would be nice.

See above.  I feel bad for poor DH who hasn't gotten it either.  He could use it just as much as I could if not maybe more given he doesn't have a commute to work where he can do things.  Though he does make sure to make time.  He has been playing games when the kids are sleeping & reading when they are doing other things.  I wish I were able to read while the tv was on.  But I can't.  Same as I can't listen to music while reading.  It doesn't work for me.

Part of me really just wants to cast on something new.  But I feel like there is way too much nearly finished.  I also just got buttons for a sweater that is knit for Elder Munchkin.  And I got the book & needles to start a sweater fro DH...one I have been promising him since 2009.  Yes, really, that long ago.  I also got yarn to finish two nearly done items.  I am about 10 rows left of the toes of socks left.  They can be done today.

Yet all of it is leaving me cold.  I have knit on the socks some.  But the thought of weaving in ends...  *shudders*

The siren call of the new is calling me.  Of course if I knew what should be on the needles next, it probably would be there.  But alas...  I don't have a clue.  I have been thinking about it for about a week now.  Looking at yarn & patterns.  Yet nothing is saying "me me!"

Think it is time to just go be grumpy with the family.  Little Guy is a major grump, clearly not feeling well.  Elder Munchkin is finally feeling a bit better.  But LG was screaming and EM didn't go down for her nap.  So she is in great form... *sigh*  I should go relieve DH.

Think I am gonna be shitty mom & let them watch some tv so DH & I can at least take a little break.  I know DH.  He will probably come in to the office & play a game.  I will try to push through with one of the WIPs...

Or I will get on toe Ravelry and decide on something to cast on.  Have to see which way it goes...

I really hope Sunday is better.  But I have a feeling I will be in even more of a funk as that is when I figured I would go to Rhinebeck.  We shall see.

LG is crying.  Think it might be time to call the pediatrician again if they are still open.  Both kids were just there Thursday.  So i really don't want to go again.  We are all on antibiotics.  I don't know what else they can do for either kid.

*sigh*  Enough wallowing.  Time to get on with it.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

0 for 3

Ugggh.  I swear I have to stop casting on new projects.  I am 0 for 3 on finishing the last projects I cast on.  *sigh*

First was the Peek-a-Boo Shawl (though given the amount of yarn I had it is more a shawlette/neck wrap.)  I cast on in the amazing Reavers colorway from Fresh from the Cauldron.  I kinda knew with one could be an issue.  But it is a gradient that goes to black.  So I really figured I would just have some DK weight yarn around to finish it up.  Nope.  No black DK.  Considered doubling over some fingering to cast it off.  Nope.  Can't find any yarn that would work.  So I need to order some black DK weight yarn.  That was August.

Then came the gorgeous Tri'Coterie Sock BFL Silky in the Cinna colorway.  Another stunning gradient yarn.  So beautiful.  And a semi-circle shawl was what it was crying out to be.  I picked the Vernal Equinox Shawl Surprise.  Checked to make sure it could be done with the 650+ yards I had.  Looked promising.  6 rows & the cast off shy of done.  *sigh*

I had hoped to order some more Sock BFL Silky in black from the amazing Maylin at Tri'Coterie.  She custom dyes colorways each month.  And low & behold, Sept. was all black colorways!  My month if ever there was one.  Problem came that the Sock BFL Silky yarn she has comes in the large skeins (150 grams).  Maylin was super sweet.  Even offered to do one of her other colorways on part & 50 grams in black.  But to be honest, while I liked the Sock BFL Silky, it was a bit more splitty than her regular silk blend base.  So I decided to skip it.  So have to order some black fingering, preferable a silk blend.  And not sure it will work really.  *sigh*  Another project in limbo.

A coworker is having a baby in Nov..  So I am thinking I can whip up a little baby sweater in no time flat.  Ummmm.  You would think that.  But silly me, I decided to use the skein of Alchemy Juniper I have.  I got it from The Loopy Ewe when I was putting together an order.  I thought $17 was a good price for a single skein.  It was.  Because it was only 50 grams.  But I checked.  There are 25 people who say they knit it with 180-220 yards of fingering yarn.  So it should have worked.  Not for me.  *sigh*

*bangs head against desk*  I really just am not having any luck.  I have gone back to a pair of socks that stopped working on so I could participate in a KAL.  I am hoping they are a win for me.  I am at the heel turn.  They are actually cuff-down which I haven't done in eons.  I knit all my socks toe-up to avoid these issues.  *sigh* 

Though I did say when I started them that worst thing that could happen is I knit the toes in a coordinating color is I run out.  And given the toes would be inside the shoes, who cares?

I don't have a clue what to do about the baby sweater.  *sigh*  I know my coworker would be none the wiser if I don't knit her something.  We aren't even that close.  But I thought she would appreciate it.  I have no interested in spending another $17 for another skein.  I confess that while it is a lovely colorway, it isn't *that* lovely in my opinion.

I have been reading on unraveling the cast on edge.  But it sounds like more trouble than it is worth.  And it also might just be that the sweater would be too short to be useful.  I was about 3/4" over on the sweater body.  I should have ripped back.  But I hate frogging work.  *sigh*  Ah well.

I don't think it helps that I have some sort of plague.  DD got it first, then me, then the Little Guy.  We are all fighting it off.  So I spent most of the weekend just wanting to curl up into a little ball. And it was a long weekend.  Sometimes even knitting the baby sweater was too much thought.

I need to find some more self-striping yarn.  I should become more of a fan of the vanilla socks.  I always decide I need to do something more with them.  Though I think sometimes a whole lot of knit stitches is just what a gal needs to relax.

Funny bit today.  I was in a meeting and one of my coworkers had a Ravelry mug.  *laugh*  Kinda surprised me as I didn't really picture her as the knitting type.  Though she did say she only got into it about a year ago to share something in common with her mom. 

Best get some work done. I am hoping to catch an early train home as I am not feeling great.  Rather not be shoved up against more people and catch something else.