Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Feeling Productive

I have had an amazingly productive couple weeks.  A lot was that Saturday I sat down and focused on all the WIP that were lingering with missing buttons & such.  I also finished a scarf that had been started in 2009.  Woohoo!

The 2012 goal was "Put buttons on at least half of my WIPs with missing buttons".  I have met that and kicked its tush.  There were 8 with missing buttons & 1 with missing beads.  I am down to ONE!  Woohoo.  I am feeling very accomplished.  We are not gonna talk about the one that has been done all but *one* missing button since 2008...  *laugh*

WIP as of Jan. 2012 & Status
Done - Simple Shrug for 18" Doll - Done 1/29
Shrug for DD - Done 1/29
Baby Jacket with Moss Stitch Edges - Done 2/6
Aviatrix Hat for Ella - Done 2/6
Crest of the Wave Scarf - Done 11/11
Suri Bias Scarf - Done 11/17
Beaded Evening Bag/Purse - Done 11/17
Simple Cardi for Bella Ella - Done 11/17

Still WIPs -
Maeve Socks -
These are back in the rotation after months of being in limbo.  They are challenging still with all the cables.  But they are being worked on which is something.

Flora Dress -
The knitting done but needs elastic added to the body which I bought and can't find.  *sigh*  I fear it may be too small by next year when DD could wear it.

Mary Janes for DD Daughter -
Think these are too small & need to get frogged.

Cardigan for My Hobbit Elanor -
*blush*  Still missing the #@*$ buttons.  Mind you, they are toggles so they require i-cord rather than just attaching.  However, this sweater too small for DD and may be too small for the Little Guy if I don't get them on there soon!

Items with Buttons New for 2012 -

Phoebe Sweater for DD Elanor - Done 11/17

Finished Projects -
I have actually finished SIX, yes six in the past nine days!  It is astounding.  Though a whole lot were adding buttons.  But I did complete a scarf in two days for Elder Munchkin out of some handspun.  It was bulky, but still.  Add to that the Vernal Equinox Shawl Surprise was completed October 29 and the Lady Bianca socks were done on the 20th.  That makes eight projects in a month!  Mind you, four of those were adding buttons or in one case beads.  But hey, it is a win!

I need to take pics of these things though.  There are a whole lot of Needs Picture icons on them.  *laugh*  (I do that so the sidebar code doesn't get mucked up.  It doesn't seem able to handle it if there isn't a pic.  Though I bet Casey on Ravelry has changed the code & it could probably do it now.  But I am too lazy to go deal with new code.  *laugh*)

I went to take a pic of EM with her scarf.  But I left my phone at home today!  So no pics.  *grumblegrowl*  Ah well.  Another day.

I have too much work to go over all the finished objects.  I should take some pics and then talk about them all.

It is nice to feel productive!