Monday, July 11, 2016

Tour de Fleece Days 5 through 10 - July 6th to 11th - Loop Bullseye Bump in Beautiful Nightmare & Plying Into The Whirled 50/50 Tibetan Yak Merino

I haven't had a chance to post.  Things have been busy. 

Day 5 - Weds. the 6th

Had to do a lot of work.  Think I only spun about a half hour or so. 

Tour de Fleece 2016 Day
5- July 6<span style= 

Day 6 - Thurs. the 7th

Spent some time spinning.  Can't recall exactly how much. 

Tour de Fleece 2016 Day
6 - July 7<span style= 

Day 7 - Friday the 8th

Didn't get a ton of spinning done.  Spun about a half hour in the morning.  Had a ton of work to do before taking vacation.  So I didn't get done until about 9:30.  So spent about a half hour to 45 minutes on spinning.

Weighted the fiber.  Thought it was close.  But still had 1 1/4 oz left!  But getting there.

Tour de Fleece 2016 Day
7 - July 8<span style= 

I actually may have some more pics from this day.  But the net connection is a bit iffy where I am staying.  So I suspect I will post additional pics in a later post.  Otherwise, I won't get this posted!

Day 8 - Sat. the 9th


Spent 4+ hours in the car.  Drove to the Adirondacks to drop my daughter off at an overnight camp for a five nights. Spent the day with hubby and my little guy.  And then spent the night at a hotel. 

Day 9 - Sun. the 10th

Got a good chunk of spinning time after arriving at our final destination in the Adirondacks.  Finished spinning my singles of the Beautiful Nightmare Loop Bump.  Love it.

My thought was that I would start on the next Bump.  But I didn't have an empty high speed bobbin!  Oops.  So I figured I could ply the Into the Whirled Into The Whirled 50/50 Tibetan Yak Merino to get it off the bobbin.

Note to self...  Don't ply in the dark when you want to keep the colors district.  *laugh*  I didn't do a great job with that...

Day 10 - Mon. the 11th

Finished plying the Into The Whirled 50/50 Tibetan Yak Merino in the Vampires of Venice colorway.  Did somewhat better with the plying.  But the purple and brown are close enough that with a shady cabin, I didn't do great.  But I still think it will look pretty cool.  *fingers crossed*

I want to let it rest a bit before skeining it.  But digging in my bag, I found the Hobbidedhoy Battlings that I had started before the TdF.  So I can skein that and free up the bobbin!  *laugh*

Other Bits -

I packed a bunch of different Into The Whirled fiber on the just in case theory.  I really don't think I am going to get that far...but who knows.  I did take the 8 oz. of 221b that I have.  But unless I get the other Bump done in a day or two, there is no way I will have enough time to complete it.  I brought a bag of Bits that I bought as well as 4 oz in the Rhinebeck colorway.  We shall see.  I suspect I was overly optomistic about getting more spun!  *laugh*

Since I will be away Days 19-23, anything not completed by day 18 is unlikely to get completed.  I can try some wheels at SSK.  But I am not bringing my wheel.  I am transferring flights & fear it getting lost.  Should I ever get the opportunity to go again, I would drive if I want to bring my wheel.  *smile*

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