Sunday, July 3, 2016

Day 1 Tour de Fleece - Into The Whirled 50-50 Tibetan Yak Merino - Creating Singles

I spun half the 4 oz. of Into The Whirled 50-50 Tibetan Yak Merino in the Vampires of Venice colorway into singles. The color is so beautiful.

Tour de Fleece 2016 Day
1 - July 2<span style= 

Split the fiber in 4.  Planning on Navajo plying to keep the colors distinct and lovely.  Beautiful to spin.  My first time with yak.  Soft & fluffy.  Yum!

Spun on my Ladybug, the Lady Rue.  As always, terrific to spin on!

Nice start to the Tour de Fleece.  And that was with spending some time creating stitch markers for the SSK swap.  I may need to share pics of that too.  I saw something about creating them with Shinky Dinks!  Such a great idea.  I took some pre-shrinking pics, but not post.

DH suggested I sell them on Etsy.  And I pointed out the time involve.  He laughed and agreed.  Between time & material costs, I don't think anyone could afford them!  *laugh*  Though in theory, I could get quicker with the process.  But I think that could take out a lot fo the fun.

One 8 x 10 sheet was able to create 12 stitch markers.  But I goof on two of them.  One ripped as I was cutting it.  I would keep it for someone else.  I t*think* it will stay okay as most of it baked together.  But not going to give it away in case it breaks.  And another I goofed on the drawing.  So I tossed it.  I was trying to rush to get them into the oven before the oven was needed for dinner.

And as it turns out, the Shinky Dink instructions suggest using a toaster oven which was far better.  Our oven doesn't have a light.  And you need to watch them closely to see when they flatten back out.

Only thing I would change about the set up might be the attachment point.  I *may* make some with some loops rather than the leverback earring pieces.  I like the leverback pieces as they work like crochet stitch markers.  I like those for knitting.  They are wonderfully flexible.  You can use them like a regular stitch marker or attach them to a stitch if needed. 

But because of the way they sit, I had to attach two jump rings so they would hang right.  Not terrible.  But also not ideal as they may be too long for some people.  So in hind sight, I would see if there are any leverbacks with an loop facing the front instead of the side.

Mind you, I just looked at some I have gotten from The First Draft. They have charms & are sideways.  The charms look good that way.  The Shrinky Dinks, not so much.

Best I get to some cleaning so I can get some spinning done today.  I got up late today (my turn to sleep in.)  Then I hope to get some good spinning done.  And perhaps another sheet of the stitch markers.  *fingers crossed*

DH was good enough to pick up two packages of leverbacks for me.  So I can make 32 stitch markers for the SSK swap.  I just counted & there are 56 people who said they are in!  I would love to make more.  But we shall see how it works out in terms of timing.  I can bring the materials with me when I am on vacation.  But there isn't a toaster oven.  Mind you, there is a much *better* oven than we have at home!  So time will tell.

Best I am off to get some things done.  *sigh*  Woohoo!  Cleaning!  Kitty litter first!  Oh, the glamorous life!  *queue Sheila E*


ten said...

There is a toaster oven on the counter right next to the fridge!

Michele / akkasha said...

Thanks for the info! Might need to bring the supplies then. Mind you, I want to make them for fun & friends now.