Friday, July 1, 2016

Tour de Fleece 2016 - Preamble

So I have decided to participate again this year in the Tour de Fleece.  I really love it.  And it motivates me to spin.

The dates are Saturday July 2 to Sunday July 24th, 2016.  So you may see more posts here.  Who knows.  *laugh* 

I won't get to participate in the tail end of it as I will be away at SSK.  Given I am flying, I decided it was best to leave the wheel home.  So I am borrowing one for classes.  But I am will not have one with me.  However, I am taking a week of vacation during the time of the TdF.  So that allows for a whole lot of spinning time!  So that should be great.

Here's what I hope to spin.

 Tour de Fleece 2016

Time will tell if I get all that done...

I am participating in the same groups as last year with two exceptions. 

I am sorry not to see Team Browncoats this year.  *pout*  But things happen.  *smile*  It was a small & chatty group which was nice.  I really enjoyed having an excuse to watch Firefly again too.  *smile* 

Also Team Babe is not running this year either.  It is a great team of people.  I will miss them.  But I also felt kinda guilty last year as I didn't use sweet Door at all.  With my new-to-me Ladybug, the Lady Rue, joining me a little over a year ago, it was all about spinning on her.  And I confess, other than possibly plying with Door, I suspect this year will be the same. 

I keep wondering if I can find a smaller group to participate in as I really like them.  And the groups I am in currently are all pretty large...  Odd thing is I just looked!  There is no Doctor Who or other tv stuff.  There is a Team Jane which is for Jane Austen fan.  Not a big enough fan to participate in that one.  Huh...  Kinda sad...

Teams I Joined:
Spin Your Stash
Into the Whirled

Loop & Into the Whirled are fiber specific groups. 

I am aiming high with Loop this year & going for a Double Bump again.  I don't know if I will succeed. But I have two beautiful Bumps that I think will look awesome together.  I got one as a prize last year from Loop.  And I kinda knew that it needed to pair with one I already had!  It is Beautiful Nightmare & The Devil Made Me Do It. 

Loop Bumps for Tour de
Fleece 2016

Kinda washed them out a big with the light.  Think the group pic is actually a bit better.

For Into the Whirled, I have a lot of their lovely fiber.  It was hard to get it down to just one choice.  So I have two.  I think I am going to start with the 4 oz of the Vampires of Venice colorway in 50/50 Tibetan Yak & Merino.  I bought this at MD S&W this year.  It is gorgeous. 

The funny part is I bought this and didn't take it out of the package.  When I did... WOW!

Into The Whirled 50-50
Tibetan Yak Merino in Vampires of Venice Colorway

I think it needs to be Navajo plied to keep the luscious colors intact. 

My plan is to spin this first. 

Then the Loop Double Bumps.

And if I have time, I want to spin the two 4 oz packages of 221B.  It is beautiful stuff.  Greys & purple.  Mmm...  I already knit socks from the colorway in their Kettle Dyed Sock Yarn & love the colors.  The fiber is 85/15 Polwarth/Silk Blended Top.  So the silk takes the color differently.  It is lighter.  But oh so lovely as well.

Into The Whirled 85-15
Polwarth-Silk Blended Top in 221B Colorway

But I figure if I don't think I can get that done in time, I may just go stash diving!  I have a massive fiber stash.  *smile*

Hope this year rocks!

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