Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Why NOT to Overfill Your Bobbins

I swear that read that the Woolee Winder bobbins were supposed to hold 5 oz.  (Though of course, I looked again now & can't find anything of the sort...  So maybe I was imagining it...)

So I tried to stuff the 4.8 oz. of the Loop Bump on one bobbin.  I knew I was pushing my luck.  But I only have three high speed bobbins.  So I wouldn't have been able to spin the singles for the two Bumps as desired. 

So I got the 4.8 on one bobbin.  It is pretty stuffed as you can see.

Tour de Fleece 2015 Day
9 - July 12 - Loop Bullseye Bump in Ultraviolet colorway - Pic

Not such a good idea.

For Bump Two, I was able to use two bobbins.  So that is good.

I started plying the two Bumps today. Really hoping to finish by the end of the TdF on Saturday.

Working along and feel it tighten.  Look down at the bobbins on my Lazy Kate attached to my wheel.  Ummm.  Some of the singles had slipped off the end of the bobbin.  It got wrapped around the end.  Not so good.

Tour de Fleece 2015 Day
19 - July 22 - Why NOT to Overfill the Bobbin - Bullseye Bump in Ultraviolet on
the Bobbin & Tangled

I tried to untangle things.  Got a bit more off.  But ultimately, I had to break off a chunk that got tangled...

Tour de Fleece 2015 Day
19 - July 22 - Why NOT to Overfill a Bobbin - Loop Bullseye Bump in Ultraviolet


So, right.  No more than 4 oz. on a bobbin...

I am not sure what that means for big projects honestly...  Either another bobbin for double Bumps or doing something else.

Kinda frustrating as the jumbo bobbin is supposed to hold 12 oz.  So if I have 4 on each of the three bobbins, it will work.  Just not two different ones that are over 4 oz..

Ah well. 

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