Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The End of the Tour de Fleece 2015

So the Tour de Fleece is over for 2015.

I am happy.  I spin every day but one of the two rest days.   And even then I skeined one of the yarns.  

Most years I don't get to spin that much. Something comes up.  But I was very focused & did well.

Though this morning I looked at my wheel & was sad to see it empty!  *laugh*  It seems so naked without some fiber on it.  I suspect I will put something new on it today.  Just debating what.  I *really* want to spin some sock yarn.  But fear I am just not that good yet...

Mind you, since I got my Lady Rue at Maryland at the end of May, she hasn't been naked for long.  I have been spinning nearly every day even before the TdF.  The TdF just gave me an excuse to take pics & share it with folks! *chuckle*

I am pretty thrilled with my TdF spinning.  I got a total of 13.8 oz spun on my new to me Ladybug.  It would have been great to break a full pound.  And had I been home for the end, I probably would have put 2.2 ounces on the wheel!  *grin*

Here are my finished TdF yarns. 

Tour de Fleece 2015
Finished Yarns

~ 390 yds
WPI Average - 10
Some 8, some 12

The Bumps are still on their bobbins as I finished plying today.  The bottom four bobbins at the Bullseye Bump. 

And yes, they are different colors.  Though hard to tell in this pic!

Can't wait to see what the final yardage is on the Loop Bumps.  I am hoping I broke 1000 yards, but don't think I did realistically.  But maybe 800-900??

I am super happy with this year.  I spun every day of the TdF other than the one rest day when I skeined the first project.

I will have to post pics of the Bumps skeined up to show the *amazing* colors!  But Sunday night was a rest night for me.  A sick son & traveling today left me tuckered!  It was smarter to rest and enjoy being home.  And yesterday was trying to get the family to feel better & catching it myself.  *sigh*  Too bad!  Took today as a sick day in hopes of recouping today.  Hoping that the crud passes quickly.

Still think I need to get something on my wheel today...  *smile*  It is wonderfully relaxing & all.  So might be good while I am sick.

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