Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What a Difference a Good Soak Makes


So I think I was way too hard on Falkland.  I think I was trying to get it to do what was in my head instead of letting it do its thing.

With the Into the Whirled batt, I was struggling with it to start.  I wanted a shawl in a nice light weight yarn.  I did the two ply to make a shawl.  But it didn't want to spin thin.  It wasn't having any of it.

So I finally said screw it.  Let it do what it wants.  I spun it thicker and let it plump. 

But I confess I was pissed at it for thwarting my plans.  I was grumpy.  But I wanted to finish it.

With the help of my DH, it got wound into a skein.  It was big & plump.  But I was still suspect.

Into the Whirled Falkland Batt in Excursion Colorway on Swift from back
But when I pulled it off the swift, it was really beautifully balanced.  Hanging nice & straight.  Huh.

Then I put it in its bath.  It needed a big bucket.  It was too plump to fit into the place I normally soak anything that is 4 oz. or less.  Huh.

I pulled it out after about 20 minutes.  Even wet, it felt really nice.  Fluffy.  Light.  Sweet.

I rolled it in the towel and stomped on it to get the water out.  When I took it out, it sprung right back.  It was happy and lofty.

I was thinking I needed to thwack it.  But after a few times, I knew it didn't need a thing.  It was lovely.

I am still pretty stunned...  It just wasn't at all what I expected.  Yet, I want to put it on my needles *NOW*!  Even damp, it feels so lovely.  So springy and yummy.


What a difference from the way I felt spinning it.  I am really amazed.

I will see if I still feel the same way when it dries tomorrow.  But I really feel like I will.

Into the Whirled Falkland Batt in 
Excursion Colorway After the Bath w flash

Of course, I have *no clue* what I will do with it.  But I am so thrilled.

And I am also thrilled I made such a balanced yarn on my new-to-me Ladybug.  After too much twist in the first skein I created, I was worried.  But it wasn't about the wheel.  It was about me learning what she needs from me. 


So very happy right now.  Of course, it is making me not want to take tonight as a rest night from spinning!  But I think it is wiser to prep for the mammoth plying ahead.

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ten said...

You *made* that? Did you already know you were magic? It is incredibly beautiful, and I can almost feel it from your description.