Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tour de Fleece 2015 Update

Work has been crazed.  So I have been taking pics, but didn't have a lot of time to *do* anything with them!

I finished the Into the Whirled batt singles by the end of day Two!  It also plied up quickly.  So I suspect there won't be tons of yardage, but it was fun. 

I confess that I just didn't care for the Falkland.  But, could just be me.  The colors are gorgeous!  And the batt was beautifully prepared.  So I am definitely curious how it came out.  Tonight's project is skein it, soak & thwack it. 

So because I am me...and I am crazy, I took on the two Bump project.  *gulp*

But to my amazement, I have finished my singles!  WOOHOO!!  *happy dance*

Mind you, I finished the Water Ballet Bump at 2:45 am last night.  On a WORK NIGHT.  Zzzzz.   Ummm...what?  *grin*

But I have created lovely collages for each.

Loop Bump Ultraviolet
Collage - Filmstrip

Water Ballet
Tour de Fleece 2015 -
Loop Water Ballet Bump

As per usual, my camera doesn't do the colors justice.  It is hard to get decent pics with a flash.  But I tend to spin after work & dinner.  So on weeknights, I am generally not touching the wheel until about 7 on days I work from home & after the kids are in bed on days when I am in the city. 

I think the colorways will look amazing together.  I am giving the singles a day to rest & will start plying tomorrow.  I am under some delusion that I can finish it in a day.  *laugh*  My last Bump took *days* to ply.  Just hoping I can make it for the end of the TdF!  *fingers crossed*

Already have plans for the finished yarn...  A lovely sweater for my darling daughter.  A nice feather & fan perhaps to show off the striping effects.  I think it will be lovely. 

Of course, I am hoping that I don't overtwist it.  I have had that issue with the new wheel.  I am still getting used to the Ladybug.  But overall, I think I am getting better with her.  And the yarns are getting better the more I spin.

Also, I have been watching a ton of spinning videos.  And believe it or not, I never had seen anyone pull out singles or plied yarn to check the twist!  Now that I understand about that, I think I am getting better about more consistent and less overtwisted/overplied yarns.  And at least one pointed out that you can always add twist in the opposite direction if needed.  Duh!  *laugh* 

I think I am going to do that with the Gale's Art Alpaca/Silk I spun first on the wheel.  That may help.  Mind you, that may only apply to overplied yarns...but worth a shot.  Or I live with the fact that when I knit it, it will bias and try to use that in the design.

So overall, still very happy with my purchase of the Ladybug. The only thing I second guess at all is if I shouldn't have bought new.  But I wouldn't have ever gotten the Woolee Winder that way.  And I *really* love not switching hooks.  There is a whole lot to be said for that.

So much so that I bought the bulky flyer!  *smile*  And am mostly happy with that.  Though the only downside has been that the maiden sits too low with the Ladybug.  So I had to tweak it some & twist the eye slightly so it doesn't bang against a screw on the Mother of All.  But it works.  And is very lovely...  So I am a happy gal.  *smile*

Dinner time.  Then some skeining.  The big excitement.   I don't think I am going to put anything else on the wheel for singles.  I was debating it.  But I don't think it is wise.  If by some miracle I finished plying tomorrow...  *ROFL*  I might take a bit of fiber with me.  But I am aware that with the travel, it is *extremely* unlikely I will finish up anything else for the TdF. 

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