Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yarn Harlot Ideas for Xmas Presents - Part Four, The Final Chapter

I really wanted to finish this.  And I am waiting for a work process to run.  So I figured it was a good time for it.

Day 23 - Gift Certificates
In some ways, I like the idea.  In others, not as much.  Not very personal, but always useful. 

Of course this is said by someone that has one from *two* Christmases ago.  *sigh*  Great gift, but I kept thinking I would use it to buy the yarn for an alpaca coat for the Eldest Munchkin.  Which would run about $20-30 *more* than the rather generous gift certificate.  And she will outgrow it...  So it is still sitting here unused!

Day 24 - Respect & Day 25 - The Proper Way to Receive a Knitted Gift

These two are intertwined. I will leave it to the pro to explain it best.

I am pretty blessed for the most part.  DH appreciates handknits having come from a family of women who knit.  He has gotten pressies from his mom for multiple occasions because they take that long to finish.

EM is adorable.  She asks "Who made this for me?" nearly every time she puts on something.  Though we have tried to explain there are factories.  She is still in a world where things can be handmade.  It is wonderful.

On occasion, I have gifted things to people who don't appreciate them.  And that is annoying.  They do not get a second handknit. 

On a related note...

I have one nephew who's wife loves the handknits I made her kids.  The other was pleasant enough, but I don't think her kids ever wore them.  Now the kids are all big enough that I don't think they fit anymore.  There was a Tomten I made for the one who liked the handknits.  I really have thought about asking to borrow it back since it would fit my Little Guy.  But I really don't know if that is extremely rude. 

I still am trying to figure out what to do with a bunch of handknits I made the EM.  I don't want to simply frog them.  But they are too small.  I should try them on the doll I got her for Xmas.  But I don't think they are small enough for an 18" doll.  I am kinda surprised there isn't a Ravelry group for baby/kid clothing swaps.  It would seem ideal to pass things along after we spent the time on them.

Back to work.  Hoping to finish before 10...  We shall see.

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