Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More Yarn Vs. Pattern Stall

In my knitting stall part two, we have the Unique Sheep Luxe in Gradient Tudor Colorway in the Bigfoot Size (6 oz/600 Yards).  The beads are the Beadsmith/Jabonex Czech 6/0 beads in the Heavy Metal mix.  They look like metal in their finish.  Kinda cool.

Unique Sheep Luxe in Gradient Tudor Colorway - Bigfoot Size (6 oz/600 Yards)

Now, the Tudor name of course has me wanting to do something Tudor with it.  But they didn't actually have shawls from what I understand.  Elizabeth loved her knit stockings, but not the same. 

I started wondering if I could chart a Tudor Rose into the pattern somehow.  *shakes head*  Yes, I know I am insane.  It is true.

The beauty is that in theory I could do something that takes some more attention.  I have the flight to and from Arizona for conference.  I would say I had time in the evenings, but I know that never works out.

Holden Shawlette
What I am leaning towards most currently.  That could change easily.  People have already done variations with beads.  And it is pretty simple.  With the yarn, beads and my brain, simple repeats might be a better idea!

Reading Shawl aka the 'stay put' shawl
I confess I am still toying with using this one.  I thought about adding a Tudor rose pattern to the panels.  But I haven't gotten further than toying with that idea.  I could chart it out.  But given I am hoping to start the shawl on the plane out to conference, I would need to get on that soon.  I leave crack of dawn Saturday.  *gulp*

Aeolian Shawl
This had been the clear favorite.  Until I started looking at the yarn.  And the pattern.  The yarn has two colors in each skein.  I don't know why, but I was thinking it was going from one color to the next.  It isn't.  So there might be too much contrast which means you would loose the pattern all together which seems a waste.  Also, soooo not wanting to deal with nubbs.  Think that one deserves a solid or at least a yarn with a straight color progression.

Semi-Precious Shawl -
I have looked at this one a few times.  Not sure if it is simply that the pics look so lovely or what.  But I like that it is customizable so I can tweak it for the yarn.  Though that one keeps making me want to spin it as that is what the pattern is written for.  But again, would need to figure out how and where to add beads.

Easy Triangular Shawl
Still thinking about this one...  There are beads in the edging.  And I could add more if I wanted to the triangles.  Would need to scale it down as the pattern says 820 yards.  Though two of the projects used 700.  I only have 600 or so.

Eliina Shawl
This was a serious contender for a while.  Then I realized it involved crochet.  And while it is *possible* I will try crochet, I really don't want to have spent hours and hours knitting a shawl to mess up the crochet edging!

Honorable Mentions -

Shipwreck Shawl
I actually toyed with the idea of trying to convert this to a semi-circle.  Am I on crack?!

For another yarn, I think I need to try this one.  But I don't think it would work and certainly no way to add beads.

Actually got this pattern from the vamp club.  But seems like too much pattern and I have this bead fixation currently.

EZ 100th Anniversary Gull Wings Half-Circle
Again, not this yarn or beads.  But this is tempting me.  Yes, I know that is crazy talk...  I am aware. *grin*

So many choices, so little time!

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