Monday, December 19, 2011

Yarn Harlot Ideas for Xmas Presents

Things have been crazed so I haven't been keeping up on any blogs. But today is actually a quiet day with work. I have some database items that have to be run and while they are running, I can't work in the database.

So it was the perfect excuse to catch up on some blog reading.

The Yarn Harlot has suggestions for Non-Knitter to give to those Knitters in their lives:

I love the way what she wrote. I confess day 1 pressies aren't for me. I am *terrible* about writing thank you cards these days. I *bought* cards for presents we received when Little Guy was born...over eight months ago now. I planned on sending them for presents we got around his birth. Then I intended to use them for the combined event of his christening presents and Eldest Munchkin's second birthday which was three months ago. Have I written even one? Nope. No cards for me.

In the past I have made tags for knitwear with washing instructions & fiber notes on them. I don't know if I will do that with the few presents I knit this year. I didn't do much honestly. There is always next year. (Though I did do one for work this year, so I need to at least type up a note that it is superwash wool & there for machine washable.)

Day Two is jewelry. Anyone that knows DH knows he has given me jewelry in the past. But I am terrible about wearing jewelry. Though when the kids are bigger, I confess the Knitting Abacus does have some appeal. I do need a shawl pin at some point too.

Day three. Tools. Who doesn't want a Strauch Ball Winder? *sigh* They are so beautiful. Day four is cases for knitting in progress. Though day five was project bags. (Kinda thought day four covers that. But not my list.) I *really* want the Starry Night Dr. Who bucket bag by JessaLu. Which sells out the minute they are posted! I am thinking post holidays... YH mentioned project bags with a clear bottom so you can easily see what project is in them. Interesting.

Currently my project bags are mainly whatever bags I have gotten through work or my local health food store (which gave a half dozen light fabric ones). The only real one I have is a medium purple GoKnits bag. I really loved it. But the loop with the snap that made it easy to attach to something came off. Also, my needles poked through. So it is no longer my go to bag. It does have my lingering socks in there. So maybe part of that is just about not wanting see the lingering socks. *laugh* (I am embarrassed to admit I cast them on when my feet were cold *last* winter.)

Days 6 and 7. Blocking Wires. Got them & blocking blocks (which are actually kiddie interlocking foam pads - take up less space & are cheaper than any blocking boards I have seen). 7 is knitting bags. I confess they are much like purses to me. I really can't *believe* people spend that kinda money on a bag!! *shakes head* My purses are in the $20 or so range. $70-100 for a bag? Not gonna happen. Even as a gift.

Day 8. Yarn. Yum. Of course, can one ever have too much yarn. I think so and then Elanor touches my yarn and says "I like yarn" and I get scared. *laugh* Lately I have been trying to buy something *besides* sock yarn. I just haven't knit much in fingering these days. Most of my purchases have been worsted or something for the kids. Though I still love a good sock yarn and still drool over them.

Day 9. The gift of organization. *sighs longingly* Actually, this is my most wanted. But that is more about the apartment as a whole vs. my knitting stuff. Though both would help. We have a guest/craft room. Though I really just want to call it the *crap* room. It is the room where everything gets tossed. It is a maze of Xmas boxes at the moment. Plus the kids strollers - three in total. Plus a wooden unit that doesn't go anywhere else. And the bookshelf from behind the couch that was moved so we could put our tree back there. And and and... You get the idea.

What I would most like for Christmas in an ideal world is a pro to come and help reorganize the entire place. Not gonna happen. Option two - someone comes and watches the kids. DH & I spend a day pulling apart the hall closet, guest room, kitchen & our room. Then we can put things back in a way that makes sense. Maybe even get to the back of what is supposed to be a walk in closet. Currently, the door opens. That is it. Option three - DH empties the hall closet. I sort through it all, reorganizing it and possibly freeing up some space. Then I can deal with the crap room... All such lovely ideas...*sigh*

BTW, love the mittens she did. Tempting me to try something similar, but also what knitting time?? In six days until Christmas?! It also is reminding me I have the Phedre mitten kit waiting for me. *sigh* Not that I actually *wear* mittens. (Kinda hard in the NYC metro area as you have to walk and have your hands *do* things that mittens just don't lend themselves to in the same way a good pair of leather gloves do.)

I really can't believe Xmas is in less than a week! Too much to do and sooo little time!

I will do a second post with more days. This one is already so long!

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