Friday, December 9, 2011

Woolmeisse & Current Knitting

I have been wanting Woolmeisse yarn since I have heard various people waxing on about it. It looks like incredible yarn. Problem is it is generally sold out in 20 minutes. I am actually enough of a masochist that I open the tab daily in hopes of snagging some.

For the first time in maybe a year since having that tab, there is actually some available on their site. And there is a colorway available that is lovely. I got paid today. Dangerous. So I put it in my cart. And then I came to my senses!! It is 35 Euros. Not dollars, Euros! According to Google, that is $46.84 which is a better exchange rate than I have seen in eons.

However, I came to my senses! It is two weeks from Christmas. I have a ton to pick up for people. It is nuts to even think about spending that kinda money on a single skein of yarn!! Not to mention shipping from Germany. So I closed the window.

I am simply not that insane. Or that wealthy. *laugh*

I finished two cute shrugs for Eldest Munchkin and her pressie from Santa (an 18" doll). Other than the @*#& buttons of course. *hangs head in shame* I have no excuse either on the buttons as my MIL was so sweet last Xmas and gave me a bunch of buttons. So there is no excuse other than I haven't dug them out of the mess that is the craft/guest room.

They are knit out of Schaefer Yarn's Chris. I really love their yarns. Ravelry lists it as an Aran weight. It is superwash wool.

I cast on some toe up Mary Janes with it. I figure they would look super cute with the shrug. Though I know that may not make sense as the knit Mary Janes are indoor slippers. But I figure they are cute.

I am making it up as I go along. Though I did borrow the edging from the Knitpicks Mary Jane slipper pattern. The rest is a toe up sock where I am binding off the stitches for a MJ. I think they should be cute.

I need to take some pics!

Back to work for me. Whee.

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