Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some People Just Do Not Get How Much Time Knitting Takes

Last year, one side of my DH family did a present swap. Everyone brought a present around $50. You got numbers and could take one of the presents there or go into the pile. I thought it worked well. I was actually a bit disappointed that we went with a Target gift card instead of the cooking book & dvd set I got to start. But since DH & I were in it together, it made sense to get something for both of us.

So DH asked his sister if they will be doing that again this year so we can plan. She said everyone is broke this year so she thinks everyone should make something. *blink*

Ummm. Great. It is 46 days until Christmas. 46. *sigh*

I really think some people don't understand how much time knitting takes. *sigh*

The plus side is that I knit 1 1/2 items already for people that did the swap last year. So that is good. The down side is that I would have 2 1/2 more items to go! And I have other Christmas knitting I would like to do this year. I really don't see any way to complete things in time. So either I finish the 1/2 of the one project and do something else for the other two. Or we do something else completely. So I need to find something cheap & quick. Not fun.

I am not fond of knitting under deadline. I know some people thrive on it. I am not one of them. If it is a chore, I just want to avoid it. And these days I am lucky if I get any knitting time in at all at home. Most of my knitting is done while we are in the car. And with the kids even that isn't reliably time to knit.

We will just have to see what happens.

On other Christmas knitting notes, Santa got me the measurements on the doll for E. So I was able to compare them with the American Girl measurements.

So here is how the Madame Alexander Favorite Friends measurements compare to the American Girl ones.

Bust: 11 1/4 to 11 1/2" (1/4"-1/2" larger)
Waist: 10" (1/2" smaller)
Hips: 11 1/4" (1/2" from old, 1" from new)

Leg: Inseam 7" - 7 1/8" (same to 1/8" larger)
Around 1 Thigh: 6 1/4" (3/8" larger)
Around 1 Calf: 5 1/4" (same)

Arms Shoulder to Wrist: 6 1/8" (3/4" longer)
Armpit to Wrist: 3 1/4" (1/4" shorter)

Waist to Ankle: 9" (same)

Around the Shoulders: 14 1/2" to 15 1/16" depending on where (AG 14 3/4")

Around Neck: 5 3/4" (1/4" more narrow)
Neck Height: 1/2" (1/4" shorter)

Around Head: 12" / 12 1/2" at ears (same)

Foot (L x W): 2 1/2" x 1 3/8" (same)

The article about measurements said that things like the sleeve length work out okay. Despite the differences between the MA & AG dolls, the sleeves work out. The piece is about a different model of the MA doll than Santa is bringing. However, the measurements seem close.

I am thinking it might be smartest to make sure whatever I make first has a fair bit of give to it. Probably safer.

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