Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Patterns & Laziness

Given how long between posts, I don't know if anyone actually reads this anymore. But I want to post.

Santa and I had a little chat. He is bringing Elanor a doll for Christmas. She is a Madame Alexander Favorite Friends doll. Very close in size to the American Girl dolls so the patterns & such from one should fit her. After a lot of research, I chose this one. The prices for the AG dolls are *insane*. The MA one is a third of the price. (Don't worry, DD can't read yet. So she won't learn anything she shouldn't about Santa's present.)

So, of course, I want to make something adorable for Elanor & the doll. Given knitting is my particular vice, I figured I would try to make them a matching set. I was surprised that there weren't a lot of matching sets for the girl & the doll.

I did find a pattern book with nine matching patterns. So I decided to buy that. It arrived today. I opened it up and nearly cried.

All the patterns are sweaters you have to piece together. UUUUUGGGHHHH! I *hate* that.

I know, I know. It is me being a lazy knitter. I really should just change my blog name to Confessions from a Lazy Knitter. (I just added it to my subtitle. *laugh*) I hate piece sweaters. And I don't understand why they are the norm other than they are easier on the designer. I really feel like a doll could do without seaming too!

So of course, being me, I am figuring that I should just use a basic pattern, scale it down for the doll. This way I can *skip* seaming work. I have a book of kid knits that are all seamless construction. So I could just work from there.

I know, I know. I should just get over it and do the work. *laugh* But I know myself. I am terrible about putting buttons on. What on earth makes me think I would actually deal with seaming!

I also figured I would get some sewing patterns. Sewing is significantly faster. And believe me, after looking at the prices on outfits for dolls, I *knew* I had to do something. (Honestly, I am not thrilled with the dress the doll comes in so I want her to have options.)

I was thrilled to find McCalls is having a pattern sale. Most of their patterns were only $1.49. The only downside it their shipping & handling was kinda crazy. But I ordered a bunch of doll patterns as well as some young girl patterns & three costume patterns for the kids next year Halloween and/or Ren Faire.

Maybe all of this doll stuff is just my own insanity. Or lack of sleep. *laugh* But I recall my mom making me and my Fisher Price Jenny doll matching shirts. It was kinda sweet. (Mind you I also remember it was 70s and they were polyester...which was fine for a doll, but not so fun for a kid...*winces*)

I really hope Elanor likes the doll. I am not sure honestly. But I am hoping. She likes the dolls she has so far though she hasn't taken a particular shine to any of them. But who knows. Only time will tell.

Ah well. I have a ton of work I need to finish! Conference starts in less than two weeks. *sigh*

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