Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Want It!

Quickie post. I have been watching the videocast Round the Twist a lot recently. It is inspiring me to get off my tush and get my needles busy.

The woman who does it recently showed off some bags. I *want* the Starry Night Dr. Who bucket bag! The seller is all out of those bags. I really want to know where she gets the fabric.

The seller also has a box bag in Tardis fabric. I like that one too. But the Starry Night/Dr. Who combo is too wonderful. I actually just wish the Bucket bag had a drawstring or something. But otherwise it is a lovely bag.

I realize that it really does seem like one can never have too many project bags. *laugh* Mind you, most of mine are cheap bags I have gotten free at work or something. My current project bag came from my local health food store that was giving me one every time I shopped there. So I have about 5 of them. And they are super useful.

Back to work with me!

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