Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I am planning on going to Rhinebeck. My MIL, SIL & her KD are going on Saturday. So that is the day I intend on going.

I am not sure if I am going solo or if DH & the kids are coming. It will depend largely on how the kids are feeling. So we shall probably just wait til the day of and decide.

I confess that I am not chomping at the bit the way I have been in years past. I simply have not been knitting enough to be super excited about it. Also, money is tight so I can't really go too crazy. I am thinking I will try to find something for a sweater for DD. But otherwise most of the money will probably be spent on food.

If DH & the kids come, more will be spent on food than fiber. But it would be nice for them to go. We will have to see.

I keep thinking about maybe just a skein or two of sock yarn. But then I think about how much sock yarn I already own and how little I make socks these days. It seem silly to buy more. I have been thinking that perhaps I need to start having some vanilla socks. Things I can knit without thinking about them. I really do best with those sorts of projects these days.

I actually finished a project on Saturday! I was so impressed. Though it is sad given it was a very simple pattern that should have been a quick knit. I haven't posted pics of the FO yet. I need to take some. But the weather has been warm enough that putting Elanor in a sweater for very long is kinda cruel!

Project on Ravelry:

I really would like to get back to more knitting and even some spinning. *sigh* I have been listening to a couple knitting podcasts & one videocast. The videocast is the woman who wasn't Lime or Violet who did l&V podcast for a long time. She is very entertaining. (Still have no clue as to what the deal was with the implosion of the l&V podcast. Seems like a super screwy situation.)

One of the podcasts is Knitting History. I am super sad that there only seems to be 10 episodes. The last one was in August. I am hoping she comes back to do more. But they are terrific.

I was listening to podcasts all the time for a long while. But after Elanor was born I stopped for a while. Some of my favs are gone. Still miss Knitters Uncensored. Wish L&V hadn't gone mental. And others just don't grab me anymore.

I don't know why I keep downloading the Knitpicks one. I was listening to that in the BE era. But the woman started to annoy me. Her "interviews" were more about her than her guests! *shakes head* And I can only take so much talk about her yappy dog.

Back to Rhinebeck... I know. I know. Focus not good. I am way wiped today and probably shouldn't be typing anything public! *laugh*

I am sorta hoping this weekend is cooler than it has been. It would be good to wear some knit items. But if it is in the 70s as it has been, then that isn't happening. *sigh*

I am debating if I want to wear the amazing Dracula's Bride shawl my SIL made or the one I Traveling Woman shawl I made which is much smaller.

Dracula's Bride pattern on Ravelry
Pics of Shawl my SIL Made
Traveling Woman Pattern on Ravelry
Traveling Woman Shawl I Made

I confess part of me wants to wear one I made. But it isn't that stunning. I *know* the Dracula Bride one is amazing and deserves to be admired by people who can really appreciate it. My SIL did such an amazing job. And given she will be there, she could have oodles of compliments! *grin*

Though heaven knows if the kids are with me *any* shawl may be out of the question! *laugh*

I really want a new project for my needles. Of course I say this with other projects still on the needles! But other than the *gulp* six projects that need buttons or one that needed beads, I only have three on the needles. One needs to be frogged as I missed the window where Elanor can wear it. The other two are challenging for different reasons.

One is a deadly dull scarf that never the less requires my attention because it is out of this annoying yarn that is very fluffy fiber that has a thin thread binding it together. So if you miss a stitch, the thing will run and you can't just fix it. You would need to rip back. I don't think it would run fast as it is super sticky, but it would be a mess none the less.

The other are the Maeve Socks (pattern link). They are beautiful. The yarn is this gorgeous colorway that the same SIL gave me for Xmas two years ago. Love the pattern & the yarn. Just takes *a lot* of concentration to make sure I work the pattern correctly. And with the leg, there isn't even a break in the pattern. There is one chart for the front, another for the back. So trying to keep it straight can be challenging. And given most of my knitting these days is done on car trips, it is even harder. DS isn't so great about sleeping sometimes. And when he gets settled, DD sometimes wants attention or snack. So it means I can't expect to have a slot where I can do an entire row of knitting. And have you tried stopping in the middle of a complex cable pattern? Some people are fine with it. I am not. (Lack of sleep probably isn't helping either...)

Part of me thinks it s just smarter to bring what knitting I have if DH & the kids come with me. Then maybe print out a pattern or two & bring needles to cast on something on the way home if I find yarn for a new project at Rhinebeck. Another part of me just says grab some yarn I already have.

I still have three amazingly beautiful skeins of Fresh From the Cauldron colorways from the Mythos series. I got Poseidon, Dionysus & Ares. All yummy. Thinking Poseidon for E, Ares for Will & Dionysus for me or E. Since Poseidon & Ares are a single skein of worsted, I think they would be best for a hat & mittens or something. But I really haven't decided.

I keep hoping as the kids get older that I can get back to more knitting & even some spinning! I really do miss it. *sigh*

I really need to get back to work! *sigh* (I am sooo tired today that I have been moving so slllooowww.) Think it might be time for a Starbuck run & then some caffeinated action!

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