Thursday, June 11, 2009

What Ewe Are You?

This link is on Knitter's Review.

It is a silly little quiz about which ewe are you.

I got Finn:
Finns resilient nature makes them practical and straight forward, a quality these mediumwools balance with curiosity and a zest for life. Fastidious in personal appearance and reliable, Finns stay true to their flock and make loyal friends.

I am so not fastidious in my appearance. But the rest is pretty good (other than some of the writing *chuckle*).

It is silly. Though they really should have some code for sharing it on blogs though.

I went to see the orthopedist about my wrists. The bad news is that I have to wear wrist braces until I see him in a few weeks. So there hasn't been any knitting to report. *sigh* I may give it a try later with the braces on this weekend. It is haunting me not being able to knit or spin!

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