Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Impressed with Storey Publishing & New WIP

I am really impressed with Storey Publishing. I sent an email yesterday about the error in the Wave Jumper pattern. Today, I got email back from the editor of One-Skein Wonders series, Judith Durant. She thanked me for alerting them to the issue.

She sent me the corrections for the pattern in the middle size! Within a day! I am mighty impressed.

I wanted a baby project to work on last night. After the Wave Jumper, I decided I needed a super simple project. I cast on the Baby Love Diagonal Baby Blanket by Lion Brand Yarn.

The beauty besides the simplicity is that since it is a diagonal, half the blanket is increases, the second half decreases. I have two skeins of Caron Simply Soft Eco yarn. So when skein #1 is about to run out, I can start the decreases with #2. So that way the blanket will work out regardless of how big it is.

Since I have less yarn than the pattern calls for, I figure my blanket will be much smaller. But I think it should still be a nice size.

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ten said...

Big blankets are for wrapping her in.

Little blankets are for tucking over the carrier/carseat/carriage etc.

At last month's Knit Night someone admitted the diagonal baby blanket she last knit became that child's Lovey - something to aspire to!