Monday, May 11, 2009

Some Projects Are Just Challenging...

I am happy to report I finished the Gothic Temptress socks. I also cast on and completed a February Baby Bonnet to match the sweater. So it was definitely a good knitting weekend. I will try to post pictures soon.

I decided I wanted another baby project on the needles. I really thought that the Wave Jumper from the 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders would be an ideal project.

So I cast it on yesterday. I decided to go with the 3-6 month size. Figured that would be a good size. Counted stitches. All good. Went on my merry way. Knit the first two rows. Third row was were the pattern repeat really started. Got the last pattern repeat. Ummm. I was either short several stitches or over a lot.

Checked Ravelry. Only one person had done the middle size as best as I can tell. She said the number of stitches were wrong but didn't say by how much. I did the math. It was definitely incorrect.

So I cast on the correct # of stitches for the repeats. Knitting along. But something was wrong.

I managed to twist it somehow when I connect it for knitting in the round. *sigh*

I frogged it again.

I think it might just be a project for a later date and perhaps another yarn. I figured the ONline Supersocke 100 would be fun as it is a self striping yarn. And it would show off the wave pattern. But I don't know if it is the best choice. The yarn is kinda splitty. Also, there is a lot of pattern in the yarn already. The plies aren't the same color in most areas. So it is a pretty busy yarn. It might be too busy for the dress. I am not sure yet. I might try again at a later date. But I think something else should go on my needles right now.

I still have a Wensleydale Lace socks on my needles. I should try to finish by the end of the month for the KAL. Don't know if that will happen of course. I have maybe 1/2"-1" done of them. So probably not in only 20 days as I am not a fast knitter. But who knows. I still want to complete them as they should be pretty socks. (And the silk and nylon in them might make them nice summer socks.)

And then there is the alpaca cardigan that is always in the works. *laugh* I should try to finish it for next fall. But I haven't really been inspired by it. So it isn't moving very fast. It is silly as I have done the sleeves & about 1/4th-1/3rd of the body. So I should just get moving on it!

The brain has been percolating. And pattern searching of course. *grin* I am thinking a simple baby blanket would be good. I picked up some purple Caron Simply Soft Eco yarn. It is very soft and machine wash. I had figured it would make a nice blankie.

There is a super simple baby blanket:

The beauty of the pattern is that it is knit on a diagonal. So I can just keep increasing until I am almost out of yarn & then decrease with the second skein. It should work well.

Still thinking I might want another baby project on the needles. Maybe booties to match the February sweater & bonnet?

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ten said...

Have you seen the cover of the latest Mary Maxim catalog? Not saying you have to knit it in Starlite acrylic, just an awfully cute green garter sweater capped with a leaf yoke (and matching cap) - really too cute for words.