Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Deleted Expletive Socks

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Cast On:

December 24 2008


January 10 2009


Firestarter by Yarnissima


Made for:

Me - 9" circumference, 9 1/4" long


US 3 / 3.25 mm Knitpicks Option & Harmony - 2 socks on 2 circs


Fibranatura Yummy in 41360 - Black & Grey

~0.9 skeins = 333.0 yards (304.5m)

Purchased at Kiwi Knitting Co. in Tucson, Arizona (vacation yarn!)

I cast these on for the Dec. 08 Sock Knitters Anonymous KAL. Also I figured it would be good car during the holidays.

The name Deleted Expletive comes from my comments while making these socks. My hubby said I had to name them that. *grin*

I confess I had a great deal of trouble with the way the pattern is written. The foot says toe repeat the chart 5 times. However, the chart shows 9 rows, one of which is a gusset increase. *blink* In checking, some people say you repeat rows 1-8, others say 2-8. I went with rows 2-8 since they are boxed in red.

The gusset was okay except the explanation of the pattern in between the outer edges. My gusset insert looks nothing like the photos. Again, it would have helped a great deal if the pattern had explained this more clearly. It just says to do the row 9 repeat which is only 9 stitches. Problem is that you are adding a stitch every two rows as part of the chart. So it changes the pattern!

Then the pattern has a cable along the side of the cuff. That was clear. Then it says do pattern repeat 9. Right. After that? The pattern doesn't specify anything about how to complete the leg! I had to guess based on the pictures on Ravelry. It appears to be similar to the ribbing that is on the leg (expect it is ktbl, p1 instead of p2).

I am hoping that the lack of description in the pattern is simply about the fact that English doesn't seem to be the author's native language. The sad part is that the *design* is attractive and unique. But the pattern instructions really left me scratching my head. The design isn't challenging in the knitting. Just in the descriptions (or lack there of).

I am not a novice sock knitter. Perhaps the author just doesn't state things in a way that is clear to me. Others haven't had as much trouble so who knows. Perhaps it is just me... *shrugs*

The finished product is attractive. Now that I get what the idea is, I might even be tempted to try it again. Though I have my doubts. So many patterns, so little time! *grin*

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