Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Xmas Spinning

First a random factoid. According to Knitmeter.com, I knit:

Wow! Ten and a half miles! Pretty nifty. And some of that was handspun on top of it! (I really wish that they knitmeter & ravelry were connected!!)

I gave away some handspun yarn to some knitters in my husband's family. Given they have gotten their presents, it is safe to post the pics.

Spun Alpaca from Northstaralpacas.etsy.com

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I love this fiber. Maple is always a pleasure. She is the one who got me hooked on spinning alpaca. She was sweet enough to send me some fiber when I started spinning. And like any good dealer, I mean fiber enthusiast, she got me hooked! Her fiber is lovely to spin.

I like the carmel candy like look of the two plies. I wish I could recall what type of candies had that look.

My mother-in-law seemed to really like it. She also liked the card & mini alpaca soap. Northstaralpacas always puts in such nice extras with the shipment. I figured my mother-in-law would like to see the critter her fiber came from. There is something so delightful about that. *smile*

I forgot to write down the WPI and all. I think it came out to a bit over 300 yards. And was in the 10-11 wpis. But I could be mistaken.

The fiber spins like a dream and is super soft. I think this is the softest fiber I have spun. It has a lot of loft to it.

The light fawn from Polaris was actually going to be used with the Adirondack Woolery fiber I spun. But the color combo was too muddy. So I paired it with the various creme color fibers she also sent me to sample. Think it came out really well.

Creatively Dyed Seawool (Ocean blend) - 70% wool, 30% Seacell

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This is the fiber I picked up for my sister-in-law at Rhinebeck. Her Ravelry profile mentioned her fav colors are maroon & coral. This isn't exactly coral, but the color is close. And the fiber & dyeing was too lovely to pass up.

The fiber spins like a dream. I split the braid into 4 strips. I did a little predrafting but not much. Spins easily and into a nice thin single. I did a 2 ply with it.

~333 yds

10-11 wpi (though there are thicker and thinner areas)

Adirondack Woolery Fiber

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I picked up this fiber at the Adirondack Woolery when I was up in the Adirondacks for the July 4th weekend. I saw some on one on of their wheels and really liked it.

This was intended for my mother-in-law originally. I had planned to pair it with light fawn alpaca fiber to compliment it. But when I plied it with some other fiber, it looked really muddy. So I decided to just ply it with the same fiber & give it to my niece Amanda instead. She is a knitter and enjoys bright colors. Honestly, it might have been too tame for her. *grin*

I really can't believe I forgot to take pics of the yarn plied. Oops!

I have been spending a good deal of time spinning recently. I am working on 6 oz. of luscious fiber from winderwoodfarm. It is for a project for my friend Karen. I thought it was going to be black, but he added the silver color. Given I did a purse in black & silver for her birthday present, I think this fiber will compliment it beautiful.

I found a pattern today for a 3 way scarf (Ravelry only). I think that might be kinda ideal, though I am not sure yet. It might be too open for Karen as she is always too cold now that she is back on the East coast. But I think it might work well. I will see after I have plied the yarn. Most everything I spin is bulky so far so I am not sure if it will work. I have been spinning these singles much thinner. But I am not sure if it will even be close to the DK the pattern suggests.

I am hoping to post more regularly again. Work was a zoo last month (which is weird for December.) I am hoping things have calmed down some. But it is still kinda busy. So we will see.


Alpaca Granny said...

Michele, your spinning is so lovely, so consistent.
Thanks for the mention.

Jen said...

You are so fortunate to have so many friends that appreciate handspun! Beautiful selections.