Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Two New Projects

With the Deleted Expletive socks completed, I should have been wise and picked a simple pattern, right? Why would I do that? *grin*

The Sock Knitter Anonymous KAL for January has either a sock with beads, a pattern from an online magazine or the beaded mystery sock.

I was considering doing the mystery sock. But it is a beaded knit where you place the bead on the stitch. Problem was I would have to go out and by more beads. I figured that was probably a bad idea. I have a ton of beads hanging around that I haven't used. Seems silly to go get more. Also, I feel like I just recently tried that type of beading with Karen's beaded purse (which I need to do some finishing work on before I can say it is 100% done).

So I figured I would like to try bead knitting. The difference is that string the beads onto the yarn & move them up when you are ready for them. So they are strung on the yarn itself.

The advantage was that I can use beads I already have. The disadvantage was that it took eons to string 180 beads per sock. Of course, being me, I added extra to be sure. *laugh* The beads I have were cheap so they aren't 100% regular. So sometimes the hole was too small. So I had to take them off the thread & needle. It took hours to do it. But thank heavens they are all on there!

The nice thing is I can now knit these anywhere. With beaded knitting, I have to be able to slip the bead onto a stitch with a crochet hook. This is not something I really wanted to do anywhere but sitting at home. With the bead knitting, the project is easily portable as they are all on the yarn. So there aren't any extra tools. And you don't have to worry about dropping beads. Which believe me, I can't tell you how many times I did that with Karen's purse! *laugh*

I decided on the Reptilian Lace Socks from Knitty. These means I am actually doing two of the three possible options for the KAL. *chuckle* I am hoping the pattern will go well. *crosses fingers*

Reptilian Lace Socks in Handpainted Yarn


Reptilian Lace by Sivia Harding


Made for:

Me - 9" circumference, 9 1/4" long


US 3 / 3.25 mm Knitpicks Options & Harmony - 2 socks on 2 circs


Cosmic Fibers Bamboo Sock in Black Orchid - Dyed by me, not Dharmahey

385.0 yards in stash

Purchased at Dharmafey's Cosmic Fibers

Reptilian Lace Socks in Handpainted Yarn

The funny part is that I actually wound my Schaefer Heather into balls with the intention that I would use that for this month’s project. But after looking at some patterns, I decided I really liked this one. I went looking in my stash for a yarn that could work well. And this one grabbed my eye.

I am curious how these will fit. The gauge says 36-sts, but then only has you cast on 66 sts for a medium. Seems kinda small to me. I went with a size 3 needle in hopes they will fit okay. I might have to go down a needle size for the feet. But I will see.

I suspect I should have done silver beads instead of gold/copper ones I used. But I like the way the beads play off the purples. I just fear it might make the black look more brown. I think they will be nice. And given I have put 200+ beads on each ball of yarn, it ain't coming off! *grin*

I good right off the bat and had to rip out everything after only doing 3 rows, but all the cast on stitches as well. It was better to correct it though. I just hate ripping things out. I read the pattern wrong and given the first three rows are the same, I made the same error for all the rows. *shakes head* Ah well.

I think these will be interesting. Lace, cables & beads! A lot going on. Yet, I don't think they look too busy.

Also, I think it will look good with this colorway I dyed. It will really show it off. And given it is a bamboo/superwash/nylon blend, it works out fine that they will have to be handwashed. Mind you, 95% of the time I handwash all my socks. But I still have dreams about someday tossing some in the washing machine. *grin*

The other project I started is a scarf/wrap in the luscious handspun I created with the cashmere/merino/silk batt I got from Winderwood Farm on etsy. http://winderwoodfarm.etsy.com

Scarf/Wrap in Handspun for Xmas Present


Three Way Scarf by Sarah Wilson


Made for:



US 7 / 4.5 mm Knitpicks Options


Handspun Yarn by Me from Custom Cashmere/Merino/Silk Batt in black & grey

433.0 yards in stash

Purchased at Winderwood Farm on etsy - http://winderwoodfarm.etsy.com

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This yarn was spun by me from a batt that is 45% Cashmere/45% Merino/10% Silk. It was custom blended for me by Winderwood Farm on etsy. Was expecting all black, but they mixed this saying I could skip it if I didn't like it. I really love it.

The fiber spins like a dream. I want to keep it for myself. But I order if for a friend's Karen's present.

It came out to 15 WPI, the thinnest yarn I have plied yet. Some places say that is sport. Others say fingering. I think it is probably closer to sport given it is spun woolen, so there is loft to it. Super soft & petable.

I decided to go down to a size 7 needle for this pattern because my friend is always too cold. So I didn’t want it to be too open a weave, otherwise it would never keep her warm. And if you knew Karen, you would understand how critical that is!

I confess I have to see how this comes out after a couple repeats. I like the pattern. But I need to see if it will work for my friend. I want her to be warm as she recently moved back to the Northeast after being in AZ for many years! So it being warm is really critical. So it might get ripped if it doesn't feel like it will be warm enough.

Or... *lightbulb goes off over head* I can use the pattern more as a template. Keep a few repeats of the lacier pattern at the edges & just knit the center in something solid (either stockinette or garter). If I do that, I would probably go up a needle size. But I think it could work well to keep in the warmth. Hmmmm. Nice to know there are options other than rip it all out! Am I a lazy knitter or what? *laugh*

Speaking of presents, I actually need to go try and find a Christmas present for a friend. I am working on something handspun & knit for her. Problem is I am seeing her sooner than I had anticipated. So I need a present for her for Thursday! Oops. Given her birthday is on the 28th, I can just give her the project for then. It is sad as I am close! But not Thursday close! *chuckle*

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