Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Time to Go Home...?

I confess. It is only 9:45 and I am ready to go home! *sigh*

I am feeling like completely zoned out. Most to do with election stuff that I will not go into here. But I have to say, I really *wish* they would write the questions in plan English. I am an intelligent person. But honestly, I am not sure if I voted in the way I *wanted* to vote. *shakes head*

I was debating balling up some of the yarn I dyed over the weekend to start on some Xmas knitting. It wasn't dry last night so I couldn't do it then. But I really wanted to cast on something today. But sorting through election stuff took up the morning. So it would have to wait. And I have a good book I am reading.

I get on the train. No knitting. But I have my book. Ummm. No. Actually my book is sitting at home on my nightstand! *groan*

I was beginning to think today just wasn't my day.

Then I got mail from Nels at Babe Spinning Wheels. He asked for my address. He is sending a new bracket & bolt. Hooray! That is the good news for the day. *smile* When I have ordered stuff from him in the past it has arrived in 2-3 days. So I am hopeful I will have a working wheel by the weekend. *smile*

I have to say, I really love Nels. He is great about correcting things and super friendly.

I have been eyeing the Production Double Treadle with Flyer Lead! They didn't have this when I was looking at my wheels. This is Scotch tension wheel vs. Irish/German. It gives greater control. I am really thinking I might need to get that at some point.

I do think this experience taught me not to overfill my bobbins. I think that might have been what contributed to the stress with the bracket. There was only 4 oz. of the Three Bags Full. But I had to struggle to get the last bit on to the bobbin. I should have used the plying bobbin & flyer. But I don't like the ratio on the plying bobbin is so much lower (it is something like 4:1 where as the higher ratio bobbin is around 7.5/8:1). I like plying with a higher ratio.

Usually I can get 4 oz. plied on the normal bobbin. But I think because I was spinning this woolen to keep it nice and soft that there was more air in it. So it didn't fit well on the regular flyer. *sigh* Live and learn.

Mind you, I have sincere doubts that was the entire issue. I suspect the fact that this was a teaching wheel before I got it means it saw some hard use before I ever touched it.

I don't regret buying the wheel used. But I will admit, I really want to buy a wheel new now.

I do regret not trying the Hitcherhiker wheel while at Rhinebeck. It is small & wooden for the same price as the Babe flyer wheel new. Maybe next year.

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