Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dyed Yarn & Xmas Knitting

Here are some pics of the Lily Elite Cotton yarn I dyed over the weekend.

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Some are much lighter after they dried than I anticipated. But I am pretty happy overall with the colors. Other than the red. It is a bit too light for my tastes. Problem was I ran low on the Fire Red dye that I was using. I added some fuscia red dye to it. But it still seems to pale. But it is bright enough that I think it will be good as a Christmas red. *crosses fingers*

I dyed it with the intention of creating dish cloths/towels for some people as Xmas presents. I hope that will be enough. I confess I am feeling tapped out money wise. So that may be all some people get. Though I am betting other people are in a similar situation this year. So I am not going to stress it.

(I can post this on here because non-knitters I know do not read this. And if you are a knitter who will be getting a present from me, you should know this won't be your present! *grin*)

I started with one for my sister-in-law. Only to rip the entire thing out and pick another pattern.

The first pattern I picked was:

Pretty, but I realized the carried over strands that are picked up are a terrible idea for a dish towel! It would get caught on anything like utensils and such! Not sure why so many people have made that one on Ravelry. I think it would be fine as a washcloth, but not a dishcloth in my opinion.

I end up doing this one instead:

It is simpler than it looks but pretty. I think my sister-in-law will like it. *crosses fingers*

Ostrich Plume Dish Towel Xmas Present

Ostrich Plume Dish Towel Xmas Present

Cast On:

November 4 2008


Ostrich Plume Dishcloth by Edith Taylor

Made for:

Sister-in-law J


US 7 / 4.5 mm Knitpicks Options


Lily Elite Cotton - Dyed by Me

1 skeins = 184.0 yards (168.2m)

Purchased at Smiley's Yarns in Woodhaven, New York

The purple, brown & mixed grey and other colors are for some of my other in-laws. The brown & grey were to compliment their kitchen colors. (Though I am not sure about the grey one. I will knit it up, but it may end up getting redyed or some The purple is just because I know my sister-in-law likes purple. I am figuring the red & green for some Xmas towels.

I still have 4 balls of the Lily Elite Cotton that isn't dyed. I am debating what I will do. One of my sister-in-laws like cows. So I was thinking about doing something about that for one of them. But I didn't dye that up. I was originally thinking about knitting it first and then dyeing it. But now I am thinking it would make more sense to dye it first.

I will see if I have any left over brown from the one. Also, there is a Smiley sale the first week of December. So I can check if they have more of the cotton in other colors.

I used up all my black dye, the fire red and some others during the dyeing over the weekend. So I either need to replenish it or just go with what I have for the time being. I have plenty of knitting ahead of me. So we will see. *smile*

Also, here is a pic of the Panda Cotton sock blank I dyed over the weekend.

Whimsy Pimsy Panda Cotton Sock Blank - Dyed by Me

Sock Blank Purchased from Whimsy Pimsy etsy shop:

I am honestly not sure about the colors. They aren't what I was expecting. But I think it will be interesting.

I am leaning towards doing something like a chevron to get movement to the stripes. But I also do not want anything too complex given this will be my first time knitting with a sock black.

The Sock Knitters Anonymous KAL for Nov. is either a Wendy Johnson pattern or mosaic knitting. I am very tempted by mosaic knitting but do not have yarn for it. I was thinking about using one of the Wendy Johnson toe up patterns and adding a chevron to it. I am a bit tempted by her toe-up feather and fan pattern. But I suspect that would be too busy for the yarn.


Anonymous said...

I really like the ostrich plume dish cloth! I will put the pattern in my notebook for future! Best-est wishes for all your Christmas projects! Maggie

Jamie said...

The Ostrich pattern is really lovely! The smocking one was nice too, but I think you're right about it getting caught on things.

Love the colors you dyed. The red seems really bright, but that might just be my monitor. What fun!