Monday, November 3, 2008

Productive, Yet Sad Weekend

I really am feeling like this was a productive weekend.

Friday, I finished the Falling Snow Stocking. My first piece with a lot of fair isle knitting. I think it came out pretty well.

Falling Snow Stocking

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Falling Snow Stocking by Jennifer Hoel

Made for:

Xmas Present - Millie Maybe


US 8 / 5.0 mm Knitpicks Options


Bernat Lana in Marine - 09135

0.4 skeins = 86.8 yards (79.4m)


Bernat Lana in Denim Blue - 09116

0.4 skeins = 86.8 yards (79.4m)

Purchased at Smiley's Yarns Sale in NJ

Decided to do this as part of the Oct. 2008 Sock Knitters Anonymous KAL. I figured it would be interesting and get me to do a good deal of fair isle work. So I learned a lot.

I cast this on in the car on the way to Rhinebeck. I am definitely learning that doing one strand continental helps a lot. So I am glad I learned how to do it. Not speedy with continental by any means, but I am able to do it.

I am not sure who I will give this to for Xmas honestly. Probably my sister Millie as she likes blue.

Because I used a thinner yarn that the pattern called for, it isn’t as large as the original pattern. But it is still a good size stocking.

There is a bit of puckering when I pulled the yarn too tight. But overall, it looks good. Not bad for my first fair isle project. *smile*

Saturday was spent dyeing yarn. I picked up 12 balls of Lily Elite Cotton at the Smiley sale in NJ. I figured I could make dish towels out of it for various people for Xmas. So I stirred up a lot of different dyes.

Alos, I dyed the Trellis sweater I did for my niece, who I thought was a nephew when I knit the light blue sweater. *laugh* I have to take some pics after I have washed it. I want to machine wash & dry it before giving it to them. I have only handwashed it with the dyeing.

I also dyed the Panda cotton sock blank I got from WhimzyPinzy on etsy.

The yarn 50% Bamboo 24% cotton 21% elastic. I really like dyeing the sock blanks. It is much easier than the long skein method! I am curious to see how this knits up.

Panda Cotton Sock Blank - Dyed

I spent Sunday rinsing... And rinsing... And... *sigh* I do love the colors in the Procion dyes. But it does mean a lot of rinsing. Ah well. They did come out well I think.

Cotton Yarn Dyed & Drying

I sat down to do some spinning in between soaking yarn. I got the Three Bags Full plied. I am happy with it. It is super soft.

Three Bags Full - Spun

Then, I sat down to start some new fiber that I got at Rhinebeck. I was just starting it when snap! The bracket that attaches the rodman to the wheel broke!! *whimper*

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I wrote Babe immediately. I am really hoping that Neils will reply soon. I have heard he is great about repairs. My biggest concern is because I bought the wheel used, I am not sure if that will apply to me. *sigh* I can only hope it will and that it will be repaired quickly. I try to spin a little each day. I find it is a good way to relax. *sigh*


Stephanie said...

First off let me say I love all the things you dyed!!

And secondly OH NO!!!!!! That's horrible about your wheel. I really hope that you can get it fixed easily and quickly. I have always heard good things about Babe's so I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Time to get a drop spindle in the meantime huh? LOL

Jamie said...

Since I'm behind, I know you'll get the part you need to fix the wheel. whew! Still, that must have been a very unpleasant moment. heh

That stocking is really amazing! Congrats on such a terrific project.