Thursday, October 30, 2008

Two Projects Not Like Each Other...

*in the Seasame Street song tune*

One of these projects is not like the other, one of these projects does not belong...

I have two projects. One done. The other nearly done. Just needs buttons and something very weird for a nearly finished project... *sigh*

The one that is done is the one I adore. *happy dance*

Decadent Fibers Handspun Simple Shawl

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Cast On:

October 14, 2008


October 17, 2008


La La's Simple Shawl by Laura Linneman

Made for:



US 10 1/2 / 6.5 mm Knitpicks Options


My Handspun Made with Decadent Fibers Jelly Roll

Custom Dyed for Me in Black/Purple/Burgundy

~675.0 yards

Sometime around the Friday before Rhinebeck (Oct. 3rd), I thought it would be great to finish spinning the pound of fiber I got from the Decadent Fibers. They will be at Rhinebeck and I would love to show them how beautifully the colors were on the fiber they custom dyed for me!

So I really wanted to knit something to wear at Rhinebeck. Of course I hadn't finish spinning all the fiber until a day I started knitting it! (And it had to dry after soaking it.)

It is a super easy pattern so I can knit it anywhere. It is kinda ideal knitting for my vacation week. I can catch up on some movies and clearing off the dvr while working on it.

Though like every triangular shawl, as it gets wider, each repeat takes longer. I really wanted to finish it Thursday so it would have enough time to dry while blocking it. But at 1:00, I was messing up a very simple pattern. So I knew it was time for sleep.

I was able to soak it by Friday at noon. I tried to get as much water as possible out after soaking it. I had to hope it would be dry by Saturday so I could to wear it at Rhinebeck. Luckily it was!

Though on the funny side, I wasn't able to show the Decadent Fiber people. Their booth was busy the two times I went by. And they didn't have roving in colors I wanted. So I didn't make any purchase there. But I am still really happy I finished it. I really adore it.

The length is longer that I had anticipated once I blocked it. I like a lot of length so I am hopeful it will be good. It turned out to be 40”. The width is about 72”. So it is very cozy. I was warm enough all day at Rhinebeck and there was a chill to the air. Definitely a piece I love.

I love the way the fiber looks. There is some great striping of color too (which part of the reason I picked the pattern).

For the bottom edge, the pattern says to do the 5 rows of garter & bind off. I wanted something more open. I did a row of YO & K2tg, then bound off the edge. I like that it gives it a nice finished edge. I was going to do that at row 5 of the garter repeat. But I was running out of yarn so I did it at row 3 instead. I think it looks better with that edging.

Trellis Baby Sweater for Xmas Present

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October 4, 2008

Nearly Completed:

October 13, 2008 (all but the buttons and overdyeing)


Trellis by Britta Stolfus Rueschhoff

Made for:

Michael & Jen's Newest, Leah




US 7 / 4.5 mm Knitpicks Options


TLC Cotton Plus Solid in 3810 light blue

~1 skeins = 178.0 yards

Purchased at Smiley's Yarns Sale in NJ

I wanted to start on some more Xmas knitting. I have completed the sweater for Trinity, Michael & Jen's daughter who is about to turn 1. I wanted to do something for their boy who was due in this fall.

I swear that Michael told me they were expecting a boy while I was visiting my family in Easter. No one told me otherwise. So I made a blue sweater. Nice cables for a boy.

Then I got the call. It is a girl. Ummm…excuse me?! *blink*

I am going to dye the sweater to purple. I am curious how it will come out. I am hoping it will look good. And hey, if not, I am not redoing it at this point. I have enough other Xmas knitting to do.

I sorta wish I had done a bigger size. Knowing Michael & jen's daughter Trinity is large, I should have anticipated a big baby. Plus it could have been worn later. But ah well. Honestly, I don't know if they even liked the sweater I knit for Trinity last Xmas. So I don't want to spend tons of time on it if it will never get worn.

I did a search on baby projects in the TLC Cotton Plus and found the Trellis sweater. It looked really attractive so I decided to try it.

I confess I am not thrilled with the way the pattern is written. I finally sat down and marked up the pattern with the row #s. I am not sure why the writer wrote it without the row #s. Other than that though, the pattern is great. And I love the way it turned out.

(Though heaven knows if I had known it was a girl I would have done something lacier. Ah well. *shakes head* I should know better than to listen to Michael!! *laugh*)

Other Projects

I actually have another project that is almost completed. I am doing a two color Xmas stocking. I started it for the October Sock Knitters Anonymous KAL on Ravelry. I need to add an i-cord loop. But otherwise that is done too.

The only big project is the black alpaca sweater. It is a nice, simple, mindless project. I think the sleeves are done. But I left them on the cable from the interchangeable Knitpick needles and just put caps on them in case I decide after the body is done that I need more (or even less) length.

I have cast on the back & need to cast on the sides. I figure if I do them all at the same time, I can tweak it as I go along. I am hoping it comes out well. *crosses fingers*


LaLa said...

Your shawl came out great! I'm so glad you enjoyed the pattern!
LaLa/Laura Linneman

Stephanie said...

OMG your shawl is gorgeous!!!!