Friday, September 26, 2008

Yes. I Am Nuts. Why Do You Ask?

I haven't done a full sized sweater yet. Ever. Done some baby/children ones, but not adult sized.

So I decide the best thing to do is improvise my first full sized sweater.

Yes. I am nuts. Why do you ask? *grin*

I have been trying to figure out what should go on my needles. Twice within the past month I have had nothing on my needles. And it is bizarre.

I decided I really wanted something that I could have that was easy to knit yet and going to take a while.

Bring on the black alpaca I got at Rhinebeck last year. I bought five 8 oz skeins of it. It is the most I have spent on yarn. Ever.

Last spring, I had started a cardigan sweater with the yarn. I lost the bag with the 8 oz ball, some needles & the pattern. The GoKnit bag was snapped on my purse and somehow it came off. *sigh* So I lost it in NYC. Paul went and retraced our steps (I was on my way to a doctor's appointment). But it was never found.

So the alpaca sat. And sat. And sat. I kept debating what best to do with it. Wondering if I now had enough for a sweater or not. So thoughts on what to do with it have been peculating in my brain.

My mother-in-law suggested a while back that the drape of the alpaca might work well with something like a kimono. That sounded like a good idea. But again, I kept coming back to if I would have enough yarn given the loose fit of that (which would take more yarn).

I finally decided that the best move would be to start with the sleeves and see how much yarn I had left when I completed them. At that time, I could decide what to do with the body.

I figure there are a lot of options for the body. I could always do a different yarn for part of the body Heaven knows I could even do strips that go down. Or I could see how far I have gotten by Rhinebeck and pick up some more alpaca from the place I got it in a different color. I suspect that if I got more black they may not match which would look worse.

So there are a lot of options.

I am definitely curious to see what will come. *smile* And I will have something on my needles for a long while to come. *chuckle*

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