Friday, September 26, 2008

Rhinebeck Spreadsheet

I have put together a spreadsheet of the Rhinebeck vendors. I have put in the vendor name, location, address, website & type of items (when I could find any info).

I started this last year when I was a Rhinebeck newbie. I found it helped me have an idea of places I really wanted to go.

And yah, I am a data geek and a tad anal. smirk

I figure others might find it useful. It isn’t pretty at all. I am going to be making it into a Palm database for myself so I don’t need to be. (If that interests anyone else, let me know and I can send it to you.)

I have posted it as a Excel file & a csv file. CSV is a very basic spreadsheet/data format that most people can use.

I hope this might help others.

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Anonymous said...

Akasha, This is unbelievably helpful to me!!! My first Rhinebeck this year! (I was really surprised to see that there was no guide to the festival available! And we are traveling 16 hours to get there!) I can start to get excited now- since I know what's ahead! REALLY! Thanks to your extensive and hard work! Gratefully, Maggle