Friday, September 12, 2008

I Am Awed By the Kindness of Ravelry Folks

I love Ravelry. It has allowed me to 'meet' other knitters from across the country.

And through I met Silvercat. She is a terrific woman in Washington state. I really wish she were closer so perhaps we could met some day.

I got back to my office after nuking my lunch to find a large box sitting in my inbox at work. It had her address on it. I was totally bewildered but couldn't wait to see what was in it.

It turns out she made me a birthday present!! It is a knitting bag. It is black fabric with some red needle holders on the side. The inside is lined with purple. All my favorite colors! I love it!

I am still stunned by her kindness. I definitely will have to share some pics of it. It looks great. (Though I am going away this weekend so it will have to wait until the beginning of next week.)

She is such an amazing woman. Thank you so much!

On top of this, Maple on Ravelry sent me some fiber. She has an etsy shop - When she heard I had gotten into spinning, she sent me some fiber to test out. It was so kind of her.

I was looking for something to blend with some other fiber I spun. I wrote her and asked if she could send me a sample of some fiber she has on her etsy store. I told her to just let me know what she wanted for it. She said no worries. So I am figuring a little piece for me to see about the color.

Nope. She sent me 2 oz. of the stuff!! *blink* It is amazing stuff and spins beautifully. Of course I will be ordering more of it and making sure she charges me for the whole amount (including the 2 oz. I already got). It was so sweet of her.

Then there is Cathyz from ravelry who met with me to help to teach me to spin & sent me home with fiber. I don't think I got to talk about how amazing that was too and that was a few months ago.

There are so many others who have been amazing on there too. I am really grateful for the incredible people on Ravelry. I am amazed on a regular basis of just how great knitters & spinners are. Thank you!


Stephanie said...

I love knitters. And I love ravelry for making it even easier to find them :) That's how I got hooked up with my local knit night group and almost all of my friends now can be traced back to Ravelry. It's amazingly cool.

Alpaca Granny said...

Thanks for the kind words. I agree with you about how kind all the fiber folks are. We are all so lucky to be part of this community.