Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Argosy Scarf & Zombie Socks

I finally got around to editing the pictures I took. Yay me! *grin*

Here is the picture inspired by the Yarn Harlot's pics. *grin*

Zombie Socks in Scout's Swag Socktoberfest In the Adirondacks

Argosy in Unique Designs by Kathy Handspun

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Argosy by Vyvyan Neel



80" long

32 of the repeat #2


US 6 / 4.0 mm


Handspun Wool/Silk by Kathy at

Unique Designs by Kathy Withers in Tucson, Arizona


257 yards and only a little bit left

I had been wanting to knit this handspun I bought at Unique Designs by Kathy while I was out in Tucson, AZ. It is a beautiful yarn and wanted a pattern that would feature it. I think this should be a good one for that.

The repeat on the pattern was pretty easy. So it is ideal for some social knitting. It was a great summer knit as it could be social, but given it wasn't too wide, it wasn't too hot to knit. It was an ideal project to take with me.

There is something about this pattern that keeps me wanting to knit it. I really like the pattern. Enough going on to make it interesting yet easy enough to make it okay for social & tv knitting.

I really like the way it came out. It is definitely a decorative scarf, not one for warmth given it isn't very wide. But I like it. And I don't normally think about scarves as accessories. So it should be fun to wear it.

Maybe if Rhinebeck is at all chilly this year... *crosses fingers* But then do I wear my dragon scarf instead... Decisions decisions. *grin*

Zombie Socks in Scout's Swag Socktoberfest

Zombie Socks in Scout's Swag Socktoberfest


Zombie Socks by Sheryl Giles

Ravelry Only pattern - http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/zombie-socks

Made for:

Me in Size 9


US 1 1/2 / 2.5 mm Knitpicks Option & Harmony

2 socks on 2 circs


Scout's Swag Superwash Merino/Tencel in Socktoberfest


1 skeins = 375.0 yards

I really should have taken more pics of these. I am past the heel and into the leg. *chuckle* But at least this is something, right?

I am doing these toe-up. The pattern is cuff down but the pattern repeat doesn’t matter which end is up. So it is easy to switch to toe-up instead.

I have been debating what to do with the Scout’s Swag in Socktoberfest that I got from Silvercat. I was worried that the Zombie pattern might be too busy for the yarn. But so far, I really like the way it looks.

There is definitely some striping happening that I think is interesting. Though it isn't as neat on the leg as it was on the foot. But it still looks good I think.

I got to the 64 stitches recommended in the pattern & it fits my foot well. It is a little loose, but I am hoping that it will tighten up a smidge when I block it.

Given the orange in these, I want them knit by Halloween. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough orange in the yarn for them to count for the September Sock Knitter’s Anonymous KAL. Ah well. Still enjoying the pattern & the yarn.

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