Tuesday, September 16, 2008

7 Deadly Spins Club

I got the latest shipment from the 7 Deadly Sins club.

And again, I was disappointed. It is actually a nice shawl. But it is pink and orange. Yet again, the colors are ones I will never, ever wear. *sigh* There is definitely more yarn with this one which is good. But what good is it if I won't ever use it? So I wrote the woman today and told her to please remove me from the club.

Given the sin theme as well as the color scheme of the website & promotional materials, I was really hoping for something darker. Clearly this isn't the direction of this club.

I have also been very disappointed in the amount of yarn in the projects. For $39.25 a month, I really had expected more. Paying that much for a washcloth & soap sack is insane. Even that much for socks & a pattern was pretty steep.

While the extras have been nice, they should be just that, extras. They feel in some case they make the bulk of the package. When the washcloth shipment was so light, the people who run the club kept pointing out how many extras they sent. Ummm. Sure. But I joined for the yarn & patterns. Not the extras.

I did recommend strongly suggest not using colors like black & red as the colors for their materials. It was very misleading in the direction and colors of the club. There haven't been any darker colors. The darkest thing has been the brown in the sloth hat. And even that was more chocolate than deep brown. The others have been either pastel or in the neon/bright shades.

The saddest part for me opting out is that I have liked most of the patterns. The Gluttony sock pattern looks terrific. My sister-in-law knit it for her daughter and she thought about keeping the socks as the arch in the pattern makes them really comfy. I ended up buying additional yarn to make them because the original yarn is in painfully bright colors. The Sloth hat is also great. It looks like a really interesting knit/pattern. But I will probably knit it as a charity donation as there really isn't anyone I know who will wear it. Again, the Pride shawl will probably be lovely in a different yarn.

I really love many of the basic concepts of club. It is great that the projects are only every two months. This gives time to work on a project. And varying the type of projects is terrific. It is nice being surprised by what type of project may be next. I really don't have much interest in sock clubs and I knit socks regularly. But the variety makes it nice.

I told her that if they ever decide to do a club that is darker in tone, I would join. But I am just sad to have spent almost $120 on four shipments. Yet none have been something I wanted to start work on the minute I got it. And none items I would actually wear/use.

I am debating if I should try overdyeing the yarn for the shawl. If I did a red or purple, it could be interesting. Though I am not sure about what color would work to do it. I could play with some snippets and see how it works out with different colors. I will have to see. It isn't like I don't have other things to work on! *chuckle*

Ah well. I tried the club. It just apparently wasn't right for me. Though I do wonder if I wouldn't really be happy with any club other than maybe something like a goth one where the colors were more to my taste. Live and learn.


Stephanie said...

Everything you just said is exactly what has stopped me from joining any clubs. I like the idea of them but mostly what I see on ravelry from all of hte clubs that I probably would have joined would have disappointed me. The only ones that sound interesting right now are the Sundara ones but they are EXPENSIVE!!! But you do get to pick your color families and will get yarn colors you actually like that way.

I would have thought that the 7 deadly sins would have had a darker tone to it as well. Oh well. Guess not everyone thinks in gothish colorways :)

Jamie said...

I'm sorry it didn't work out. I do agree that a 'sin' theme seems like a dark theme to me and the yarn colors just did not match that theme. It is nice that the patterns were something you could enjoy, so maybe once you overdye the yarn you can still use the patterns.